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  1. Massimo2002

    I'm bored of humanity

    I'm bored of people struggling to survive there boring lives and wanting money it's a bore. I'm bored of never getting sex from women it's just another bore. I'm bored of YouTube and all the never ending videos Infact I'm bored of videos themselves wether films tv shows and porn I'm bored of...
  2. tonylang

    What is a living individual and is it naturally universally mobile?

    The LINE Scenario: A Thought Experiment; Earth is gone. Complements of some natural occurrence, you name it. Perhaps a primordial black hole or giant rogue planet that happens to be passing through this solar system which sends the Earth into direct collision with Jupiter. Or perhaps there is...
  3. Massimo2002

    Why do these things exist ?

    Why do cars , humans and death exist and will these things always continue to exist for eternity ?
  4. Massimo2002

    April 13 2024

    I feel profoundly unhappy and miserable. I went to a bar by myself and it just totally sucked. I am tired of people ignoring me. Why do I almost always fade into The ****ing background. Am I really that worthless to other people ? Seriously **** Edmonton I am always getting social excluded in...
  5. Massimo2002

    I am going to talk about some random things that probably aren't connected to eachother

    I went outside today and it was mostly cloudy. The people outside looked emotionless. I went to the food bank and waited for two hours and it was a degrading experience because the waiting in the small lobby was awkward and because the woman who talked to me about the food pickup was somewhat...
  6. Massimo2002

    A meditation on my existence

    Yesterday I wanted the day to go smoothly and perfectly like how it went in my mind but Alas it didn't. I went first to the university of Alberta and asked at three different places there how to get into the university and study something that I enjoy which felt embarassing for me because I...
  7. Massimo2002

    If someone devoted there life to hating other people what would that look like ?

    What would this person's life be like ? And would this be a morally wrong or right thing to do and if so why ?
  8. AnthonyGiarrusso

    What do you like more tables or chairs?

    What do you like more tables or chairs?
  9. S

    Are soul and spirit the same?What are they in bible context?

    SOUL Hebrew word nephesh or the Greek word psykhe basically refers to people, animals, or the life that a person or an animal has 1.People "This is the word that Jehovah has commanded, ‘Pick up some of it, each one in proportion to his eating. YOU are to take an omer measure for each...
  10. questfortruth

    Is life a game?

    Introduction: The cat is looking through the glass. An emptiness approaches us. It quiets any sound of pain. The roof is hit by acid rain. But don't you worry, dear mom, I am your cat till trumpet sound. discussion: Life is like a game that has rules. The rules become crazier with time. But...
  11. T

    Kevin Locke passes on.

    A true lover of the oneness of humanity. A world traveller teaching the arts of the Native Americans, specialising in hoop dancing and the flute. May you help us all progress from the Concourse on high. Ya Baha'ul Abha Kevin, God speed through all the worlds of God.
  12. questfortruth

    Life is Game

    There are games for children and other games for adults, such as Sacred Marriage, parties, hobbies, and jobs. There are children's and adult toys. Why did everyone stop playing with us? Be like children - says Jesus Christ. So, play.
  13. questfortruth

    The Whole of The Moon

    WE DEBATE IS WELCOMED!!! Things are classified according to their presence, existence, visibility [through the eyes, or scientific instruments], life. A tree in a forest is present, existing, visible, and alive. A brick in a wall is present, exists, visible, and non-living. Dark Matter and...
  14. nPeace

    Paths - Which Are You On?

    Jesus spoke of two roads - one narrow, and one broad. One leads to destruction. One leads to life Matthew 7:13, 14. What path are you on? Where is it leading? Is there a final destination? Hoping @RayofLight wwill share in this discussion. :)
  15. T


    The purpose of this OP is to explore our Choice of Faith, is it a choice, is it not? I have read in other OP's on RF where people say it was not a choice, that their Faith was a natural process that required no choices. To an extent I agree, as I see God has created us all in the same image...
  16. MikeF

    Can all life on earth be viewed as the expression of a single organism?

    The term, "When does life begin", is often used in discussion surrounding when to afford specific rights to human embryos or the human fetus. This came up for me in another thread. In an off-the-cuff remark I stated that life began billions of years ago and life has been a continuum since that...
  17. questfortruth

    Why Multiverse?

    The living Earth happens to be in a sphere with N lifeless planets. The probability of this event to happen was P=Q*V, where Q<1 is the probability of life to emerge on an Earth-like planet, V=(1-Q)^N is the probability that life has not emerged on N planets. Hence, by increasing the size of the...
  18. questfortruth

    God can do anything. Can He commit suicide? Omnipotent Paradox explained.

    Can God create a stone that He cannot lift? Answer: no, the Omnipotent One cannot make such a stone because it is a suicide, and the latter is sin. Any sin is an act of non-existence. Because sin is emptiness, the absence of any meaning, the God of Existence and living does only existent...
  19. Ratt Blastard

    We Are Alone in the Universe!

    There is absolutely no evidence that intelligent and/or complex life exists elsewhere in the universe. So we must assume that we are alone in the universe and must be the only intelligent life that exist in it. Couple that with my belief that God does not exist, I feel somewhat sad and more...