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  1. A Vestigial Mote


    Its grip is strong, compelled and long, With a slight, strange "maybe" more. Its targets reaped are forever steeped In the realm of hope and lore. A stunning end, itself unending. A path that has no trail. Yet all of us prone to pretending We spin that path's true tale. Come end of run, our...
  2. Ana.J

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Do you believe that people incarnate on Earth multiple times? Do you remember your past lives? Do you know anyone who remembers? Do you think that human soul can incarnate only into human bodies or to plants and animals as well? Why? Thank you for sharing your thoughts ;)
  3. Ana.J

    Live like you were dying

    I came across one meditation that asked what you would do if you knew you would die tomorrow. It almost made me cry thinking about it - and oddly enough it was tears of sadness and happiness. I would be so happy to know that sometime soon I would be free from pain and suffering and meet my...
  4. Ana.J

    Did Karma ever hit you back?

    Did you have any situations in your life when you did something and then someone did the same with you? - The cause - result law of the Universe. My story is not very inspiring.... When I was at school, I used to steal chocolate bars form the supermarket:rolleyes:....and in a few month...