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DIR Rules Poll, Rastafari movement DIR

Which option do you prefer for your DIR? (Read Post before voting)

  • Option 1: Keep the rules the same

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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As you may be aware we are currently changing the way all our DIR forums work and have decided to leave the option up to the individual members of each DIR to choose from. We have came up with two options that we think are suitable:

  1. One method is the same as the way DIRs are currently run: non-members of that area are limited only to respectful questions, and are not allowed to make any non-question posts. These DIRs will remain blue as is currently the case.
  2. A second new method has been proposed for those DIR forums where, non-members of that area may make respectful posts that comply with the tenets and spirit of that area. This includes questions, as well as knowledgeable comments. These DIRs will be coloured green
We would like your opinions on the matter so please vote for how you want your DIR to be run. Please ONLY vote in your own DIR.

In the case where there is a limited number of votes, less than 4, then a DIR will remain blue. In the event of a tie or if the votes are extremely close with a large number of votes they will also remain blue. We will only change the DIR rules if there is a clear majority.

NOTE: This poll is public so we know only members of the DIR are voting. This poll will automatically close after 30 days.
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