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Are you Sure..........


I must say that it is a very rare moment that I have totally misunderstood something of this caliber, but I admit it, I have.
Yes, the Abrahamic religions are Sethian.

Erta Na Hekau Apen Ast

You're on the right track Etu, actually I was attempting to point out the relation to Set as the "idea" Abrahamic religions (AR) derive their "demon" Satan from. It is exactly the Sethian spirit that they feared and constructed their religions as an antithesis to such _thought forms_ and labeled it Satan (ever notice how anything can be Satanic given the right spin?). Almost all AR have created a very similar quality in that their origins were bordering on antinomianism (good intentions)but very quickly turned into the same kind of "thing" Hitler did-he wasn't new either.

I still would not call the AR Sethian in origin, they posses a severe lack of accurate knowledge and much of their information is sourced from elsewhere much older than their construct. It's a good fairy tale, doesn't blow my skirt up though. The bright side is we now know what 2000 years of recycled ignorance can do~:eek:~ and we can get on with something better now and use the LHP to do what it is intended to do, lift the SELF out the mire of ignorance so it may create what it is here to create. Only this time sever all ties it has to any RHP construct as the LHP is their source and they are living proof of what can be accomplished by using this knowledge maliciously/ignorantly and incompletely.


Abn Iblis ابن إبليس
Actually now that I have re-read your post Sireal, I see I once again misunderstood everything . . . lol!

Got it now though; AR developed from the Osirian religion? All this Sun metaphorical stuff?
Got it now though; AR developed from the Osirian religion? All this Sun metaphorical stuff?


I think there are many interestings points.

At the beginning, most religions set up a framework of new ideas, values and norms. They held a antinomian position to the common values of society, e.g. look at the atheistic and materialistic modern world, I think most religions are the antithesis to the modern world. That is the reason why the true left-hand path should be never a copy of the known left-hand path traditions. Tantric texts knows "viparit karani", it means "opposite doing". We must explore our own life to find our personal lefthandpath, our individual taboos and moral to define and redefine our own Aeon.

An other point, Osiris represents the underworld, reincarnation, death and nature. Thus the Osirian cult is the cult of the right-hand path. In the mentioned ideas you will find most modern religions - the western AR (death cult), the eastern religions (reincarnation) and the primitive cults (nature). Setianism is general known as the nonnatural, the osirian cults represents the natural systems.

Best wishes, Sin