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Last Activity:
Mar 10, 2017
Dec 1, 2008
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Sireal was last seen:
Mar 10, 2017
    1. Akingu
      1. Sireal likes this.
    2. Adramelek
      Here's hoping you have a very merry Anti-Christ mass!
    3. Vasilisa Jade
      Vasilisa Jade
      Hey dude, if you have a facebook please consider adding my Guru. He is ******. I know you will enjoy his posts. Very compatible in more ways than I imagined to lhp concepts, and very intellectually/spiritually stimulating.

    4. blackout
      Hiya! Hope you're doing well. :hug:


    5. Adramelek
      Ave Sireal, missed you! Hope things are going your way in the great journey of Life. When you get a chance check out the pictures in my "Setian Hermeticist" album. Darkest Blessings from the depths of my Black Heart!:bat:

      Hail, Set!
    6. ktf
      Greetings Sireal,

      I havent heard from you in awhile and just wanted to drop a note to see how you are doing. I hope all is going well with you and that you are enjoying the Joys and Mysteries of Life.

    7. blackout
      Do you have a minute to talk?

      I'll send a PM.
    8. blackout
      Hi Sireal. :) Hope everything is more than well with you.
      Last nights Storm was filled with power.

    9. Vasilisa Jade
      Vasilisa Jade
      Hello darlin. I am overjoyed to have your presence in multiple places online. Stay sweet and well.:)
    10. blackout
      I think I was just sick last week mostly.:rolleyes:

      I feel like mySelf again. ;)
      (or the Self I LIKE being, anyway) :flirt:
    11. blackout
      Got a desktop up and running at home again.:rainbow1:

      The laptop is next. Early April or sooner.
    12. Valor
      I'm curious if i may promote your arts her on the east coast...im loyal and moitivated my deaset Priest. I feel you deserves to share. As an artist myself...i fel the gravitation of our peices too.

      Always, Strength and Honor Sireal.
    13. blackout
      Thank you. ;)
    14. blackout
      Sireal Hail! Thank you Sweetheart. :rainbow1:
    15. blackout
      the Setian path is all pretty new to me.
      I love how it puts words to concepts
      I know already,
      but normally have a difficult time
      expressing to others.

      I'm mostly under Via's wing in this regard. (ViaSinistra)
      He offers (us) compelling & effective
      "reality changing" exercises/meditations .
      (as well as excellent writings, and commentary,
      and support and friendship)

      I used to be a Carlos Casteneda fan years back.
      All I wanted to be was a Nagual/Sorcerer for years,
      when I was a young adult.
      But with no help guidance or mentorship..... :(

      Then I lost the path for a good 10 years.
      sad that.

      I've only been doing Via's exercises for a short time
      but they seem to be a "hands on way"
      to enter into all of these concepts
      that have resonated with me for years.

      I'm interested in what all my LHP (and ambidextrous) friends have to offer though.
      I see already that you have much to offer. :)

      I'm more interested in freedom than labels.
      labels sometimes define my freedom. :rainbow1:
    16. blackout
      Kind of an un-offical innitiate you might say. ;)
    17. blackout
      Would you like to chat Sireal?

      Welcome to RF my Setian friend.
    18. zenzero
      Friend sireal,
      Welcome to RF.
      Best Wishes.
      Love & rgds
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