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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Should all countries adopt a 2nd Amendment (Right To Bear Arms)?

    Should all countries adopt a 2nd Amendment (Right To Bear Arms)?
  2. Brickjectivity

    Right to Repair Passes in NY Inspiring

    So, for a number of years I follow on and off this youtuber Louise Rossman who has been talking about his repair business and the way that companies try to block 3rd party repair and gouge customers. He's been banging the drum for seven years and gathering friends who agree. Recently the NY...
  3. stvdv

    Speak Your Truth

    Speak Your Truth Below video is ca. 30 minutes, and I had many times the thought "this feels good what she says here". Personally I think it makes sense what she says. Her frequency idea reminds me of the "aura" concept. I think that her way of describing things are easy to understand, and...
  4. SalixIncendium

    Are You Right?

    Consider religion, politics, philosophy, morals, ethics, or whatever. How do you know you are right and another is wrong? Is there truly a right or a wrong? Or are right and wrong merely human constructs to assert perspective? Thoughts?
  5. questfortruth

    How variety of Gods is reflected in Politics?

    All variety of Gods are reducible to just two: God of Truth and idol of atheism, therefore there are two alternative Sciences (Young Earth Creation Science and Darwinism), two alternative morals [historically the left and right politician wings before the right wing got mixed with left ideology...
  6. YeshuaRedeemed

    The Right to Try Act.

    I have a few conservative beliefs like right to life/try, and would like to post in this section. Anyway, what I love about right to try is that it is prolife. I do not at all get why liberals are whining. Let's go over what it is first. Right to try is a terminal or other untreated patient's...
  7. निताइ dasa

    Why is Killing Wrong?

    Sorry for the clickbait title. Okay, so I was contemplating yesterday night about the nature of rights(by which I mean moral rights), and came to the following conclusion (or at least definition): From what I understand, we human beings have 2 categories of rights, rights that nourish life...
  8. S

    Would a father, by any chance, no matter how slim, have right in keeping the baby from abortion?

    What do you think? If yes, what case scenario do you have in mind if any, and/or why yes? And if no, then why? The poll stands to give a general idea of the public opinion. To those who vote (in this thread, not in USA's presidency election), please tell us why. Thank you for sharing, and...
  9. W

    Why it's confusing us more than guiding us?

    Everyone here is trying to convince you that their beliefs are the right ones. Everyone shares their thoughts and their beliefs. they impose their thought into others while embracing their own beliefs. What is right and what is wrong. Is there a God or two or three? To which God we belong...