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  1. River Sea


    @Bharat Jhunjhunwala and @tornbetweentwoworlds I believe people can reincarnate. What are your thoughts about reincarnation? What purposes do you think reincarnation helps with?
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    Avoiding Nihilism

    You may know that my theology is syntheism. The belief that humans are creating God. And that all of us are in some ways already doing this. Ideally, you’d think because of this that I wouldn’t be a nihilist. However, negative thoughts permeate my head on a daily basis. I love being an advocate...
  3. TransmutingSoul

    Why Are You Here?

    It is a question that has been asked of me, so I start with my answer. It could be put in many ways. I always consider the roots of faith. I see that the Prophets and Messengers are from God and are the source of Oneness, yet those Messages are also the sword that divides. Then I consider that...
  4. ppp

    Greater purposes

    Is there a greater purpose than personal happiness? What is that purpose? And how is it greater? This is happiness in the sense of contentedness, or fulfillment. "Are you happy in life?" is not asking if you are always merry. It is asking if your life is, on balance, a fulfilling one.
  5. SalixIncendium

    The Purpose of Religion

    What, in your view, is the purpose of religion?
  6. Thanda

    The Potential Role of Reincarnation in LDS Doctrine

    Hi All. It's been a minute. Hope you're all doing well So the last few years I have been less active from the Church. That time has given me an opportunity explore and deliberate on the spiritual questions without being completely constrained by Mormon dogma. Now let me add that the Plan of...
  7. Cooky

    Do I have to be a religious nut to post on RF?

    I notice this place is called "Religious Forums", so what does that mean? Are we expected to be curious about other religions, and ask them questions and compare beliefs? What's the use in that? If you want to learn about a religion, why not read a book? I don't get it. So what is the...
  8. SalixIncendium

    The Purpose of Prayer

    It was suggested in another thread by one of our Aussie members that Americans use prayer like a magic wand to cure ills, and suggested that prayer doesn't work that way. What is the purpose of prayer for you? I understand that many use it as a means of worship and reverence, but does prayer...
  9. SalixIncendium

    Does Life Require Purpose?

    There have been a couple of threads created recently asking about purpose. In one, I asked views and opinions about the purpose of our physical existence, and in another a poster asked about the purpose of reincarnation, if it does indeed exist. It seems to me that many seek some sort of...