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  1. Truthseeker

    The failure of imposing nations and democracy in Africa

    Africa’s coup epidemic: Has democracy failed the continent? In a majority of the 28 countries surveyed between 2021 and 2022 by Afrobarometer, researchers found that most people would welcome a military government. “What we are seeing is the product of dysfunctional institutions and the fact...
  2. Truthseeker

    This is what Britain gets for Brexit and nationalism

    The shortage of truck drivers is probably the most immediate issue. The current driver shortage is estimated to be between 90,000 to 120,000, according to a spokesperson for Logistics UK. While Brexit is not entirely to blame, the fact that the UK no longer has easy access to European drivers...
  3. Tambourine

    (Nationalist only) When you say you "love your country", whom/what about it do you love?

    I want to know what motivates people with Nationalist belief to follow those beliefs. One phrase that often comes up in such debates is "I love my country" or "I am proud of my country". I respect that, but I find that the phrasing alone does not really tell me a whole lot. A "country" is an...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    Open the boarders to Refugees

    The topic to discuss here is that of Open Boarders for refugees and a vision for the future. As a Baha'i there is a picture of what must and will unfold in this world before we can find peace. Unity of the human race is a pre-requisite Part of this picture was given back in the mid to late...
  5. Dawnofhope

    Nationalism and religion

    What does your faith or worldview have to say about nationalism? Should religion have anything to do with the concept of sovereign nations in the first place and if so what are the limits? We all live in countries and to some extent have a national identity. We could take pride in our country...