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The failure of imposing nations and democracy in Africa


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Africa’s coup epidemic: Has democracy failed the continent?

In a majority of the 28 countries surveyed between 2021 and 2022 by Afrobarometer, researchers found that most people would welcome a military government.

“What we are seeing is the product of dysfunctional institutions and the fact that democracy hasn’t delivered the expectations of the local population,” Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar, executive director at the Accra-based West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism, told Al Jazeera.

In my opinion, the original colonial countries are largely responsible for this. in particular, recently France has been naive about resentment against France for their original colonization there, as they try to stabilize former colonies, and seemingly don't care if the democracy works for the people there, just so there is democracy there. Democracy as a model was originally presented as the ideal in Africa, and they weren't ready for that. In addition, the original colonists imposed arbitrary borders for African countries, and these nations weren't ready for having a united nation among their tribes, ethnic groups, and religions. Nationalism and democracy was imposed on these countries against their will. It's one thing for democracy to develop over time as in Western countries, and it's another for it to be imposed on other countries. The same thing with nationhood.

Actually, this has not been limited at all to African countries. This just happens to be a discussion of the recent failure of democracy there.



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I agree. Also many africans believe that their leaders are neo colonial puppets. If puppets are placed into power due to an illusion of democracy to serve foreign interests then the conclusion is that they must be forced out of power by a military, patriots of the country.