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  1. TransmutingSoul

    None have Suffered More

    I see all the Messengers of God have had to suffer greatly. This OP is about all the Messengers and Prophets that have come from God. I see their suffering was for us and our neglect of their Messages brings great sadness upon all humanity. They accepted all that suffering, and still do, so we...
  2. uloMartin

    The Condition to Segregation!

    The Whole Ordeal of Segregation is to Keep People in Context Whereby in Which they Can be Seen, Diversed to the Knowledge of the Privileged, Theirby Formally Known of the Sadducees and Pharisees of This Common Age Upon Which Enlightenment is Permitted in Grasp. Through it The Understanding of...
  3. W

    Would it help the left to start quoting the book of Amos ?

    https://www.slideshare.net/MichaelScaman/amos-a-lion-has-roared-88212033Amos a lion has roaredAmos has lots of issues of justice, human trafficking, opulence of soem in the face of poverty, the rich and powerful stepping on the poor..... winter houses, summer houses, but step all over...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    Old Man Elder

    In Memory of Grandad "Rolly Gilbert" Biography - Rolly (Mpunywithal) Gilbert - Australian Dictionary of Biography Dreamtime Part 1 (A poem in 3 parts) Old man Elder, sitting by the fire, drinking billy tea, reflecting on bygone years and His Races history. There's a lump in His throat and...
  5. W

    Why is the hope of Michelle Obama so fragile and fleeting?

    Lots of other people have hope, yet she has no hope and feels there is no hope? After 8 years in office which isn't even over? and she has no hope? As a Christian, if she is, should she not have a hope that endures through tribulations of many sort?
  6. Tmac


    Is there a thought that can satisfy all that divides us? Why do we hold on to that which separates? God can be found in all denomination yet is none of them. Religions are formed to help find/understand God, which by the way transcends the very religion that brought you to this thought. I say if...