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  1. Pro Gamer

    Islam vs western values

    There were many cultural values and systems in past that were lost in time but Islam always stood. all the western morality you are claiming right now might be seen as immoral in future because cultural values change over time and western values will fade away as well but Islam will always...
  2. questfortruth

    Is Feminism Matriarchy

    We are no used to live in Matriarchy. Hence, we have invented a new word Feminism. It is not needed. One should use the known one: Matriarchy. Matriarchy is a social system in which women hold the primary power positions in roles of authority. Some things have deeper layers of meaning and...
  3. Truthseeker

    Female participation in peace negotiations increases the durability and the quality of peace

    ABSTRACT There is an emerging consensus that women’s participation in peace negotiations contributes to the quality and durability of peace after civil war. However, to date, this proposition has remained empirically untested. Moreover, how women’s participation may contribute to durable peace...
  4. questfortruth

    Feminism vs Lesbianity

    Suppose, the sexually active women are 100. How many of them: 1. Feminists and lesbian. 2. Feminists, but not lesbian, 3. lesbian but not feminists? I ask for three numbers, for example: 3,7,8.
  5. danieldemol

    Can a person genuinely oppose feminism and be authentically pro-women?

    Can a person genuinely oppose feminism and be authenticaly pro-women? This is the thread for discussing all types of feminism, and if it is possible to be pro-women and anti feminist. From wikipedia; 'Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to...
  6. ppp

    Medusa with the head of Perseus

    Medusa with the head of Perseus "NEW YORK - MWTH project and NYC Parks is pleased to present Medusa With The Head of Perseus by Argentine-Italian artist Luciano Garbati in Collect Pond Park, located on Centre St, Lower Manhattan, as part of NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program. The seven-foot...
  7. C

    Abortion experience in the UK.

    Hi all, Hope it is ok to post here for this purpose- please let me know if not (moderators). I’m posting in order to recruit participants for my PhD research on conscientious objection to abortion. The research has been recommended by the Economic and Social Research Council and funded by...
  8. Naganami

    Misogyny in the Abrahamic Religions

    Qur'an (2:228) - "and the men are a degree above them [women]” Qur'an (24:31) - Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. Qur'an (4:24) and Qur'an (33:50) - A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage. Women aren't as intelligent as...