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  1. Massimo2002

    Why do different places exist and why can't we as humans be in more than one place at a time ?

    So here's what I am saying why isn't everywhere just one place such as Edmonton or New York City Or North America why are there no boundaries beyond any place on earth ? And why do so many places exist ? I know someone will say that it's because the earth is a big place but why is the earth a...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Which Came First?

    This topic probably comes up often on these forums, but I'm including a poll with multiple options and also putting this in debates, so there's that. The question on my mind is: Which came first, God or existence? By existence I don't mean the Universe. Doing some extrapolating, I would argue...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: The Afterlife

    After doing two polls on theological beliefs, a believers/skeptics poll and a religious/spiritual poll, I am going to attempt to gauge RF's stance on the afterlife. Instead of making multiple ideas specific to one choice, I am going to divide the afterlife into many parts and allow the community...
  4. questfortruth

    Atheist vs god

    If there is no god, then atheist Bob is not better than god. So, the Bob does not exist. God is supreme Being. So, non-existent one means, that Bob is non-existent. Zombie/vampire is there but is dead and non-existent. Presence and existence are not the same.
  5. questfortruth

    The Whole of The Moon

    WE DEBATE IS WELCOMED!!! Things are classified according to their presence, existence, visibility [through the eyes, or scientific instruments], life. A tree in a forest is present, existing, visible, and alive. A brick in a wall is present, exists, visible, and non-living. Dark Matter and...
  6. Ratt Blastard

    We Are Alone in the Universe!

    There is absolutely no evidence that intelligent and/or complex life exists elsewhere in the universe. So we must assume that we are alone in the universe and must be the only intelligent life that exist in it. Couple that with my belief that God does not exist, I feel somewhat sad and more...
  7. Heyo

    5 Planes of Existence

    (Trigger warning: this is going to be a long and philosophical OP. If you are bored by this stuff, this OP is not for you.) Does god exist? That question is currently unanswerable and will probably remain so for a long time or even never be answerable due to a lack of an agreed upon definition...