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  1. River Sea

    Breaking news! India and Egypt switched locations.

    Breaking news! India and Egypt switched locations. Time Stamp 21:25 YouTube Video Ivrim, Benei Yisrael, Yehudim, Jews were they Yadava farmers? Screenshot Waiting for a video response from @Bharat Jhunjhunwala
  2. River Sea

    My appreciation for Bharat Jhunjhunwala and learning from him

    This thread is dedicated to @Bharat Jhunjhunwala My appreciation for @Bharat Jhunjhunwala and learning from him. @Bharat Jhunjhunwala whom I have known about a year now. I've been sharing what I've learned from @Bharat Jhunjhunwala research while also asking questions. Also how to have a...
  3. R

    Moses and the Jews were the Hyksos?

    The is an accountability from Egyptian sources of the Hyksos that matches the same description for Jews at that time. Shepard nomadic tribe from Asia, more specifically Syria, that got their way into Egypt at first with gifts, then by force and had illegitimate kings ruling over part of Egypt...
  4. River Sea

    Where did Exodus 5:7 take place (needs a lot of straw)

    Where did Exodus 5:7 take place (needs a lot of straw) Exodus 5:7 You are no longer to supply the people with straw for making bricks; let them go and gather their own straw. Egypt built with stone; there was no need for lots of straw. Indus Valley requires a lot of straw because people all...
  5. DharmaCatLamp

    Pagans/Heathens do you believe in an all powerful God above the rest?

    Howdy! Just to clarify right off the bat I am talking about you personally. There is obviously not any ideological body that would declare what pagans believe or don't believe. I was checking out a book called The Search for God in Ancient Egypt. The book is by Jan Assman and has been...
  6. Harel13

    Newly-discovered Egyptian Genizah seized by authorities

    Egyptian Antiquities Authorities Confiscates New Genizah Found In Cairo Jewish Cemetery - VINnews From the article: "JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A new genizah (archive) with rare ancient Jewish documents was discovered in the Cairo Jewish cemetery last month, but a report by Israeli Arab affairs...
  7. danieldemol

    Nawal El Saadawi peace be upon her

    'Nawal El Saadawi... Outspoken advocate for rights of Egyptian women Author and activist fought for changes in a deeply conservative political culture Born: October 27th, 1931 Died: March 21st, 2021 Nawal el Saadawi, an Egyptian author, activist and physician who became an emblem of the...
  8. ronki23

    The Bahrain and UAE peace treaties

    Can we credit these to Trump ? If we can't then that means Clinton (Jordan, Palestine) and Carter's (Egypt) peace treaties can't be credited to them either
  9. ronki23

    Shisha & Hookah

    I'm a teetotaller and while I like nightclubs, it's not a big thing for me. So I'm thinking about taking up shisha and hookah smoking because, unlike alcohol, my mind is conscious and in control. What are the health hazards in this ? I was told that 4 puffs is equivalent to a cigarette ? What...
  10. Shaul

    Egypt, Saudi Arabia & UAE economies in freefall

    Hit with falling oil prices and other COVID19 related affects the economies of the three largest Arab nations are in major downturns. Three of Arab World’s Top Economies Slide This is quite sobering.
  11. danieldemol

    Egyptian authorities detain former child prisoner activist, mother of a two-year-old child

    ‘Egyptian authorities have abducted a prominent former activist, known for advocating for the rights of child prisoners, after storming her property in Cairo's Nasr City district at 1am on Tuesday, confiscating money and valuables. Her husband, the writer and researcher Tamer Muwafi, describes...
  12. Agnostisch

    Ancient Egypt

    Let's share some information about Ancient Egyptian Civilization . Let's begin with the image of the statue of the Emperor of Egypt King Ramesses II carved from black granite is located in the Egyptian Museum - Turin - Italy The first country in history to fight harassment of women is...
  13. danieldemol

    3 teens detained pending investigation for blasphemy in Egypt

    'CAIRO - 14 April 2020: Three teenagers were detained on Monday for four days pending investigation for an accusation of blasphemy after they posted a video showing one of them was smoking while performing a prayer. A video went viral on social media, showing a minor was performing an Islamic...
  14. Native

    Science and Symbols of Creation

    We have numerous cultural Stories of Creation, which very much seems to be similar to each other but how do we interpret these stories? Can they possibly be interpreted into modern terms and give some modern scientific sense? In the following I´ll use the Egyptian Story of creation as written...
  15. danieldemol

    Egyptian actress Rania Youssef faces jail time for dress showing legs

    “Rania Youssef appeared at the closing session Thursday of the Cairo International Film Festival wearing a revealing black lacy dress over a tight black bodice with her legs showing underneath. This prompted two lawyers to lodge a suit against her accusing the actress of “inciting debauchery”...
  16. DawudTalut

    Opposition VS Ongoing Divine Help to Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi – Events & Divine Guidance

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you….As we see in the history of Prophets, after their claim, they face opposition too. As their Jama'at spreads, the fire of opposition and jealousy increases. Methods of oppositions by opponents assume every possible way. But, because the claimant is sent by...
  17. Rakovsky

    Do you think that Egyptians used advanced (for our time) knowledge/technology to build the pyramids?

    The pyramids, particularly at Giza, are a fascinating mind puzzle, and the claim that advanced knowledge or technology was used to build them is interesting. When I mean advanced, I mean even for our time, like machine tooling with diamond blades. 1. What in your opinion are the strongest...
  18. Rakovsky

    Which god(s) in Egyptian religion most closely resembled the Abrahamic one, a Supreme Creator Lord?

    I am looking for which god(s) in ancient Egyptian religion most closely resembled the Abrahamic or Mosaic one, a Supreme Creator Lord. Which god was the earliest, most foundational, the one who was a Lord, an uncreated eternal Originator or Creator of all things? Perhaps there is no particular...
  19. Rakovsky

    Did a major portion of Egyptians believe in monotheism?

    Egypt's civilization is considered to have begun about 5000 BC, and its writing is dated to have begun in 3500-3100 BC. The First Egyptian Dynasty dates from 3100 BC. Scholars debate the extent of monotheism in ancient Egypt, and those who find monotheism in their religion may point to the...