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  1. Massimo2002

    Is demonic possession real ?

    Secularism believes that people are evil because of psychological reasons. But some religious people believe that evil people are evil because they are controlled by Satan and his demons I am wondering witch one is true and makes more sense ? I know most people don't like to hear about Demonic...
  2. W

    Saints and their role

    I have been very interested recently if there are any religions that specifically focus on venerations of saints, particularly Catholic saints. I was raised Catholic, going to Catholic schools for most of my life, but I never felt as much of a connection to the idea of 'God' or Jesus than I did...
  3. danieldemol

    Is Catholicism true and...

    1. Is Catholicism true and 2. Once enough people find a thing to be not true, can it unite humans sufficiently to bring about global unity? It's been a while since I looked into Catholicism, and I seem to recall (though my memory is not a particularly good one) coming to the personal...
  4. ronki23

    Is this true?

    I thought Hitler had support of the Catholic Church? Was Hitler atheist or Christian? What type of Christian was Hitler?
  5. ronki23

    The Paganisation of Christianity

    So I have heard that at least 3 Christian festivals have roots in paganism: Halloween Christmas Easter Are there any others ? Due to this are some denominations of Christianity more authentic than others?
  6. danieldemol

    Pope Francis: Humans Have Sinned Against The Earth By Exploiting Its Resources

    ‘VATICAN CITY, April 22 (Reuters) - Pope Francis made an impassioned plea for protection of the environment on Wednesday’s 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, saying the coronavirus pandemic had shown that some challenges had to be met with a global response. Francis praised the...
  7. J

    What is the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism?

    Hello, I am curious about the major differences between Catholic and Protestant churches. What did protestant reformers like Martin Luther find wrong about the Roman Catholic Church? How are they different in beliefs? Do they believe in the same Bible? Why do Catholic churches honor Mary while...
  8. Abdemem

    The purpose of Life

    When we look closer to the holy quran, and serach to understand the divine message in the holly text, anyone will surely discover so many wonderful facts which may change his life: Please be patient to hear the presentation of Pr Jeffrey Lang, an eminent American Mathematic Professor and his...
  9. uns4

    Catholic Aspects in Non-Catholic Christianity

    Are non-Catholic Christians allowed to honor the saints and pray the rosary? These aspects of Catholicism appeal to me but I don't want to become Catholic.
  10. Serpent Child


    I'm personally studying and will learn more about Vodun. I wanted to discuss the religion Voodoo and if anyone has any real knowledge about it. There's so much misinformation about this religion, if you want to practice it you must be initiated and learn from a teacher or teachers in real life...
  11. E

    Michael Glatze: Evangelical Christianity and the Rapture are crazy heresies

    Do you know Michael Glatze, the guy who used to be an LGBT activist, then became a homophobic preacher and married a woman? James Franco made a movie out of his story titled "I Am Michael." Well, it seems Mr. Glatze has now turned against the very Christians who received him with open arms...
  12. Subhankar Zac

    Condemns ISIS for war and hate but okay with Catholic church's past atrocities for centuries?

    ISIS is dubbed as unIslamic by many for their violent and inhumane treatment of people. But the Catholic church that destroyed sacred pagan temples all over Europe, forcefully converted millions, started wars with their neighbors in the name of religion in Europe and in Israel. StArted the LGBT...