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Michael Glatze: Evangelical Christianity and the Rapture are crazy heresies


New Member
Do you know Michael Glatze, the guy who used to be an LGBT activist, then became a homophobic preacher and married a woman? James Franco made a movie out of his story titled "I Am Michael."

Well, it seems Mr. Glatze has now turned against the very Christians who received him with open arms after he renounced his homosexuality:



Still learning to be wise
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Premium Member
My God, Christians take the whole sibling Rivalry thing very seriously.
Also, didn't know that the Rapture was a Protestant thing, I always associated it with Fire and Brimstone type Baptists. But then I know many Protestants and there's all sorts of variety so that's just probably my own ignorance.
Seems like this gentleman was unhappy with fulfilling societal and religious expectations and left to find inner peace and acceptance. Hope he can accept himself for who he is.


Well-Known Member
the throw off was the rapture nuts that made it fake. I'm thinking of running it again to see who is all into it by reason.
they ran up on this and played I should cast you to satan card. But I'm all clean now and I want to see people come together again. He did it and says he was apart of it but reality, he re-using it. Again if you read it closely. And they know it; so they left a disclaimer in the same writing where he confirms he's doing it again. I usually have know idea how people are going to react to what I say and I usually don't leave a disclaimer because I intend it.
He must like Reagan's card of fascism. The reality is that they enforced black in white theology the LGBT and world children's vision on us and played aliens immigrants to a tee. Then they tired to feed Nazism to the heart and rush in baal peor to the heart to make the jealousy. They cut off children for job (in reference to Job) so that they rush into workforce while catholics which many of them sit back and say oh I didn't do it to them; we preach differently that's why they used them to bring in slavery or didn't do anything to prevent it while they were being asked over and over again and then they rushed in with a different culture who said they were catholic to supposedly stop it when it finally arrived but many many years later and they pointed fingers, really it was the nativists actually who fought. While they are having a "maritime" war no one could bomb a port right? Or sink a empty returning ship.
Then they orangie hamas to enforce again into the same Oroboros complex that is nothing but a cwazie lie. Now they want to preach what Reagan for went for fascism makes the train run on time. But now you know.They knew people would fall apart even churches when they did it, they didnt need them before so they said we had to have atheism in school.


Well-Known Member
supposedly people who aren't catholic are dumb and need to be taught a lesson and then they got caught and ran up the protestant side. Wow.


New Member
[This is what someone named James Hartline wrote about Michael Glatze]:

As I learned very quickly early on in my correspondences with Michael Glatze, I cannot get along with a person who is all over the map in his theology and his approach to Christianity. Mr. Glatze simply wants a microphone and wants the floor even when he isn’t qualified to be speaking on a topic. His form of Christianity is a patchwork quilt of superficial ideas that he collects in the same fashion as an antique dealer collects old trinkets. Once he has collected a few trinkets he self-declares himself an expert on that trinket collection without the benefit of having any serious, deep education on the history and the meaning and historical significance of said trinkets.

In the short time that Glatze has been a self-declared ex-gay Christian he has short-circuited paying the dues that any reputable Christian pastor or evangelist has had to pay, to sacrifice and to suffer, to earn the right to be a God-ordained minister. This is in large part due to the corrupt and media-money-hungry pro-family ministries that are constantly in search of a token ex-gay personality that they can use, abuse and wave vindicatively at the equally corrupt and media-money-hungry radicalized gay political machine that drives the core engine of America’s cultural homosexual movement. Without even considering his lack of dedication to Jesus Christ or the fact that he had zero examples of sacrificing his life for Christianity, the pro-family hucksters baptized Mr. Glatze as their latest professional ex-gay token. It is one more reason why I, as a former homosexual who has been faithfully and very publicly serving Christ inside of one of the largest homosexual communities in the United States for 20 years, cannot be involved in most of the so-called professional pro-family organizational groups. They reek with corruption, superficiality, insincerity, greed and hypocrisy. Which is explains why they all so easily made so many backroom deals with demonic Donald Trump.

Michael Glatze has gone from Mormonism to Catholicism to implied Buddhism and now the inevitable appeasement and apology tourism that is the infamous trademark of the professional ex-gay movement. The professional ex-gay movement is so utterly superificial in its relationship with Christ and it is their rejection of Christ’s mandate for all Christ-followers to willingly suffer and embrace sacrificial self-denial that defines the never ending hypocrisy of the likes of Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, John Paulk and now Michael Glatze. They all have one thing in common: the refusal to pick up one’s cross to follow Christ. The narcissism and the sinful, selfish desire to serve and worship self which is at the core of homosexuality and the gay political movement is simply tranferred into the professional ex-gay movement leaders’ lives and therein lies their complete failure to change the culture and to win converts out of homosexuality to follow Christ.

I attempted to warn Michael Glatze that he was making seriously flawed theological decisions and his beliefs were not sound Biblical ones. He wouldn’t listen. All he wanted to do was “school me” on Christianity and preach at me. I have been following the Lord for decades. My testimony as an ex-homosexual for 20 years who is battling a very famous scientific case of AIDS all the while living – not in some “safe” insulated little conservative town in Wyoming – but inside of the 4th largest gay community in America, has been broadcast all over the world and shared on many TV and news programs including the 700 Club, newspapers, radio show and magazines. I have written hundreds of articles and produced over 60,000 photographs and 400 videos of my life as a born again Christian ex-homosexual living inside of the gay community. Thousands upon thousands of gays see me everyday and how I live my life as a Christian ex-homosexual, and not one of them can ever say they have witnessed me returning to homosexuality. Yet, in all of my communications with Mr. Glatze, he wanted to teach me what Christianity is and isn’t, he wanted to instruct me on “correct” theology. He had no real desire to actually listen or learn from my mistakes, my experiences or my knowledge of God and the Bible. The reality is, he just wants to be the boss, the show and time will eventually unveil a Michael Glatze who never really humbled himself and had a true born again Christian experience. Rather, he simply mutated and adapted to his circumstances in a manner that accomodated his pursuit of self-comfortability – something that seems be disasterously innate in both the professional ex-gay movement and the radicalized gay political movement.