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Where Is God
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  • I think that most people's problem is that they pick a religion and then try to find god in it. Rather, they should be convinced that there is a god, just by there own assessment of the world, and then try to find a religion. Unfortunately most people choose a religion out of tradition
    no, i don't do any of that stuff...
    i just like to hang out here when i should be doing other things...oops.
    No I worship no supernatural being the, the brand is a metaphor, or a pun I guess you could say.
    Proselytisation can come from anyone. Comments like:

    Humans have no souls. We are not special.
    It still was non-sense. The idea of religion is idiotic in a natural view of life.

    ... are borderline proselytising. I’m just warning you to be careful with your wording. Making it clear that your statement is simply 'your opinion' is a good way to avoid coming across as preachy.
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