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Twilight Hue
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  • Thanx for the great minds thinking alike frubal.
    And for froobing the left's love of bigotry.
    And for flurbing the impediments to re-opening a tree service company.
    And for frooballing the nature of Hell.
    Thanks for the winner frube on Okay the cats out of the bag. Who here is an alien? The ET kind. Fess up.
    Thanx for the easily shocked by the predictable frubable.
    And for froobing the Laughing Record.
    And for the seeing more naked women flurbal.
    And for furballing the terrible person.
    And for foulbring us damn landlords.
    And for the Trump Dollars to me froolbe.
    Thanx for froobing Sun Rise wishing Trump a happy birthday.
    And for the FEMA camp info frubo.
    And for furballing the Sharps carbine.
    And for the Columbus being Tytlyf frubal.
    And for froulbing the Constitution, but not Jesus
    And for the deflection with "racism" frubism.
    And for flurbing Lucy Ball in a Stooges movie.
    Thanx for froobing bacon easing life's transitions.
    And for the letting anyone post here frubal.
    And for furballing the standoff.
    And for the Snidely Whiplash frubol.
    And for froobing convicts losing the right to vote.
    And for the disposal in the shower fruber.
    And for flurbing fine people.
    Thanx for fruballing the mechanics of puppet sex.
    And for the challenges of snow removal frubal.
    And for the failing to care flurbit.
    And for the sopping wet mantle fruble.
    And for froobing yawnworthy atheism videos.
    And for the next rebellious youth thingie frubie.
    ANd for flurbling the urge to be merry.
    Thanx for the unbitten frubal !
    And for fruballing bicycle helmets!
    And for the crazy Uncle Joe flurble!
    And for furballing Professor Revoltingest!
    And for the dangers of religion frubyl !
    And for froobing Morgan Freeman's defense!
    And for the oppression olympics foorbyl.
    And for froubing refusing to choose between liberty & justice.
    And for the bigger picture of loans flurbit.
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