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Shia Islam
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  • Look what that Ahmadi typed?! What kind of qualities did the first 3 caliphs have? Abu Bakr took away Syeda Fatima's heritage, Umer pushed a burning door against her, Uthman appointed his family members as successor's leading to Muawiya becoming caliph and subsequently to Yazid's rule which caused Imam Hussein's death!
    During the battle of Nahrawan...Imam Hussain AS loosened the ropes on the hands of Shimr :( such a display of mercy...yet on the afternoon of Karbala Shimr did not hesitate to behead Imam :'(
    Too bad you're not often online :( I feel terrible having to face all these stupi allegations towards Shia Islam on my own :(
    Fascinating, I'll have to read more about it.

    Sounds like a terrible way for a child to go.
    I want to send a similar message as Brother Lava.

    We must never forget the murder of the Ahl-Bayt by a satanic force that usurped Islam from within.

    The true Caliphate is the Imamate!:islam:

    Your friend in El Baha
    Hey shia, just out of curiosity who is that supposed to be in that image and what is the symbolism of it?(reffering to the one of the bearded man holding a baby and the arrow.)
    salam brother, i opened a thread about homosexuality and i would love it if you could take part in it, it is in the same faith debate section
    Muslims: discussion about homosexuality
    hi :) would you please what you know about Karbala incident in thread i've started on Islam DIR? i would like to hear what you got to say; how it started, what happened...etc. i don't mean to discuss or anything like that. just need to know what you know.

    thank you
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