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Shia Islam
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  • "If you want to remove evil from the minds of others then first give up evil intentions yourself."- Imam Ali(AS)
    "The one who wants to live my life and die my death will attach himself to Ali"- Prophet Muhammad(SAW)
    I liked your post regarding the Shia of Kufa...supported by facts and logic.

    Congratualtion for your love for Imam Ali AS has grown so strong. There is no better thing than one can look for.

    Ali A.S. is Muhammed SAAW, and loving them is loving Allah SWT.
    May Allah accept us as servants for AhlulBayt A.S.
    For me it is not necessary about converting someone to the school of ahlbait, but just to change the image they have of Shiites in general.

    Btw alhamdulillah, but my love for Imam Ali AS has grown so strong I'm really happy. :)
    I follow Sistani as well, though there is some fatwas I do not entirely agree with. Fadallah is well-liked by many Lebanese ppl. Generally I noticed it is difficult to explain the theology of the school of ahlbait to non-Shiites.
    I saw a video in which a scholar explained how the original hadeeth said ahlbait but it was changed to sunnah under bani ummayad...
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