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  • Thanx for the uninteresting blather fruber.
    And for flurbing being civil.
    And for the problem of hostility on both sides frooble.
    And for furballing getting along with people of other political persuasions.
    And for the Upload froobyl.
    And for froobing why people complain about the parties they support.
    And for the birthday cake froub.
    Thanx for flurobing democracy not dying.
    And for the unevidenced belief foisting frubing.
    And for furballing a throne of games.
    And for the several trouble ahead frubals.
    And for foolbring child rearing with clenched teeth.
    And for the robot discrimination frubation.
    And for fooulbring cranky old engines.
    Ahhh...ambiguity...and the rewarding responses...
    Thanks again for your attention
    :Well thanks for the honor !
    Where do you think `it` started,
    I'm interested.
    I know, I know....read, read, read !
    It starts where poetry starts...ambiguity.
    wow.....I really like that:
    "Where poetry starts...ambiguity"

    thank you again for yours
    Thanx for the Uncle Angus frooble.
    And for flurbing useful science.
    And for the frubal....over.
    And for froobing anthropology's uselessness.
    And for the Squawking Radiation frubation.
    And for foorlbing annoying white privilege types.
    And for the Wolfgang Pauli standard froobit.
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