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sandy whitelinger

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  • Thanx for fruballing the dodgers!
    And for the pocketed frog frubal !
    And for furballing standing while sober!
    Thanx for fruballing the advantages of collecting oil field engines!
    And for the Lemon Pledge furball !
    And for furballing wearing teal !
    I'm amazed that I've only begun to relish your wit and humor in the last little while which is weird because we have both been on RF for far too long, LOL.

    OMG... you have actually been here 6 months longer too!
    sandy whitelinger
    sandy whitelinger
    I come and go according to my moods and time. I'm self employed and run two businesses and serve three days a week as a bonsai apprentice. Time is precious.
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    Thanks for the frubal on The Persistent Problem Of Crops Who Persecute For Mere Speech.

    And i apologise for the dyslexic text
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