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May 14, 2020
Aug 10, 2006
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Mar 2, 1988 (Age: 32)
Cairo, Egypt


Well-Known Member, 32, from Cairo, Egypt

Sahar was last seen:
May 14, 2020
    1. Madhuri
      Happy Birthday!!!
    2. Starsoul
      We are waiting so much to hear from you about all the first hand events that were happening in Egypt, and ARE happening now , wish i could speak to you :( Much love and regards :)
    3. Onkara
      I wish you and wonderful country all the best in the near future! Stay positive! :)
    4. .lava
      i share your prayers, Sahar :) hopefully everything would turn out well for your nation.
    5. .lava
      it's said Mubarak's gone. i've heard it before but this time for real and for good .. i am happy for you.
    6. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      So happy for your! Long live the revolution and the Egyptian people!

      And please, stay away from Satanic Israeli American Hamasist Muslim Brotherhood Qatari KFC chicken! XD
    7. maro
      thank you ya sahar :D
    8. kai
      momentous times for Egypt and the Arab world in fact for the whole world, i am amazed at how the Egyptian people handled this totally amazed.
    9. kai
      congratulations on freedom
    10. maro
      Ana tele3t 3ayela we 3'ayart ra2ye :-)
    11. maro
      i want us to remember how it all started ya sahar when we read the thread several years from now
      it started with me applauding the tunisians , while answering sunstone's question about the possibility of this happeneing in other countries with uncertainity
      and then , events go on

      i don't want to put egypt in the title because i want to keep the sequence logic
    12. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      Yes in fact I have heard these reports, that police ID was found on many of the thugs and looters. This is the same thing the Egyptian guy at the rally told me, based on talking to his friends and family in Egypt.

      It is ironic that the Mubarak regime is trying to convince Egyptians, on the one hand, that the protesters are really a Jewish-Western conspiracy, and he is trying to convince the West, on the other hand, that the protesters are an "Islamist" conspiracy!
    13. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      Above anything else, please, please stay safe!! My sincerest wish is that you, your family, and all Egyptians are safe and achieve peace and justice. I have been calling my representatives demanding that the U.S. government ask Mubarak to leave, and I have been wearing a pro-revolution T-shirt with the Egyptian flag on it, to show my solidarity.
    14. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      Are you still unsafe, or have the popular committees restored security in your neighborhood? Please know that I'm thinking about you.

      Sahar, I am so moved and inspired by your people. Please keep reporting on your first-hand experiences, because your personal testimony is more informative and more valuable than any professional news report. I believe if the truth is known, from people like you and others who post videos and testimony on the internet, most people around the world will support peace and justice. I had no idea how oppressive the Mubarak regime was, until I saw the videos, and heard the testimony, directly from Egyptians on the street. And I think the sympathy of the international community will help the revolution in Egypt. Or at least, I hope so. That is why the Mubarak regime thugs (as I have heard) have attacked Western reporters, so people outside Egypt will remain ignorant of what is happening.
    15. Mr Spinkles
      Mr Spinkles
      I want you to know that my thoughts are with you. I went to a rally the other day outside the Egyptian consulate where I live, I spoke to one man whose family is in Egypt and what he told me was incredible. He described how the youth of the revolutionary movement locked arms to protect Egypt's National Museum from looters. I have enormous admiration for the Egyptian people. I want you to know that my thoughts are with you and I am cheering for the revolution. I am crossing my fingers that you and everyone will be safe, and that Egypt will get the fair, open, peaceful political process that it deserves.
    16. Rainbow Mage
      Rainbow Mage
      Are you guys in Egypt all ok? I was worried about you guys.
    17. kai
      Hang in there Doc these are momentous times and stay safe.
    18. EiNsTeiN
      Ana nezelt el talat wel gom3a, wi lama el gesh nezel wi la2et ashkal el motazahreen bada2et takhtalef wi bada2 yeb2a feha nas we7sha, ensa7abt...

      wi men sa3et-ha wana metlakhbat :S
    19. EiNsTeiN
      ايه الاخبار عندكوا في اكتوبر؟؟؟ الامن عامل ايه؟

      و اخوكي اخباره ايه؟

      sorry to hear about him...I hope u didnt join, 3ashan kanet mahzala bekol el maqayees
    20. England my lionheart
      England my lionheart
      Hi Sahar,me too its very sad but the scenes on the News were incredible,i cannot believe that Mubarak has the gall to ask to stay until September though
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    Mar 2, 1988 (Age: 32)
    Cairo, Egypt
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