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  • Thanks for the frube on Does anyone else struggle with guilt for not following rituals? How do you deal with it?
    Thanx for fruballing the elusive concepts of direct vs indirect.
    And for the how I imagine God phrooble.
    And for foulbring glorified architects.
    And for foorballing the unused brain in its original package.
    And for the expanded fascism list furball.
    And for phloorbing choosing to live well.
    And for the atheism's wimins are fetch'n & easy fruby.
    Thanks for the frube on High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are related. True or false?
    Thank you for the likes to my post regarding No one wants to be a cop anymore thread?
    Thanx for the fewer better cops froober.
    And for furbing the song about accentuating & elimniating.
    And for the enduring windbags froub.
    And for phurbing wearing men's pants.
    And for the prediction frubiction.
    And for phoolbring joining the failed prediction club.
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