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  • Thanks for the three frubes in the thread about the Bahai views on Bahaullah's position compared to other teachers
    Thanks for the like and funny frubes on Mindfulness - What are your thoughts about it?
    Not entirely sure what it means tbh. Think you and Windwalker may be talking at cross purposes
    Nah, he's trying to make mindfulness a spiritual thing, sure it is to some extent but not exclusively.
    Thank you for the likes to my post regarding Disarming the police, would it work? thread.
    Thanx for the war with China frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>).
    And for the stepping up my game frubal.
    And for frooballing more & better police trainng.
    And for the avoiding thoughtful intelligent informed consideration frubation.
    And for the think you can vs think you can't frubal.
    And for the energy draining froobing.
    I've seen you avatar recently. It is a picture of a black hole.
    Indeed. Or rather the activity around the black hole. The black hole itself cannot be seen. The image was created using the Event Horizon Telescope, an international project.
    Thank you for the useful rating to my post w.r.t. Meanwhile at the Border thread.
    Thanks for the frube on whats your beef with brexit?

    And thanks for liking expensive natural beauty on City Rhythm
    Thanks for the funny frube for satanic loubies.

    Welcome to RF, enjoy

    BTW, a frube, frubal or similar spelling (there are many on the theme) is an ancient RF name for the posts awards.

    Your avatar is cool, magnetic fields around a black hole is really new stuff.

    And, thanks for your frube on Why Do You Care...?
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