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  • You can call me now if you want.
    And my bf won't, he's not OVERLY protective. He knows I got a lot of guys friend.
    And my brother is okay with it. Just let me know when you're gonna call so I get get offline.
    Dunno. What time is it now where you are? (I would say sure, call tomorrow, but my brother is always online and we have dial up)
    I will call again while you are in the hospital if you want me to though, don't want you to think I won't if you want me to. I would just like to talk to you for more than just 3 minutes at a time. :p
    I think we should try this another time if that's okay. Even better chance once you are out of the hospital and can get to an landline. The constant 3 to 5 minute disconnect is absurd. Love talking to you though.
    No, of course you don't. You sound sweet to me. And now I shall embarrass you. :p :hug:
    I'm beginning to think a call just isn't meant to be while you're in the hospital. :(
    Oh, just thought of something, perhaps I'd have better luck calling a landline. I'm assuming you have a phone in your room there? If you can get the number I might be able to try calling it.
    I have to quit trying now anyway. The battery on my phone is low and dying and needs to charge. I don't know why we can't connect or hear each other. I may try asking my phone company about it.
    I've been trying steadily for about 50 minutes now. I just can't get through and I have no idea why.
    It's Friday morning, just got back from doctor's clinic. Tried calling, but no answer.
    Hahaha, ako hindi magsalita Tagalog. Akong magbasa ng diksyunaryo. :p
    I could probably learn it though.. :D
    I had a Korean girlfriend, so I picked up a little bit. :p
    Not much, though. I also knew a fair few Korean people and so picked up a few bits here and there. :)
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