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Last Activity:
Jan 12, 2017
Mar 31, 2011
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Wisconsin, Minnesota
Math and Statistics Major at Winona State Universi


I will be what I will be, from Wisconsin, Minnesota

punkdbass was last seen:
Jan 12, 2017
    1. ratikala
      ps and thanks for your constant support
    2. ratikala
      ...wishing you every blessing and A happy new year
    3. ratikala
      namaskaram , ...thankyou for your kind vote of confidence , this arguing here is very sad , but still I have enjoyed your thread
    4. Avi1001
      Hey punkd, hows it goin dude ? We haven't seen you in a few weeks, whats happenin ? I bet you are working hard, getting ready to graduate. That is an exciting time !! Stop by the Religious Debates forum and say hi. I am on hold on my Avi's thread, but I will start it up again after everything cools down.
    5. Avi1001
      Hey, punkd, thanks for your message. You are correct, I have been changing my "Religion" and "Title" to reflect some of my thinking. It is not so much that I am changing my views as I feel that my views are syncretic, that is a mixture of different approaches. Overall, I most identify as a theist, a reform Jew. I will be glad to discuss this in more detail with you, if you are interested. I notice you are hanging out more in the Buddhism DIR these days. Good for you !
    6. NobodyYouKnow
      Oh and thank you for the frubal.
    7. NobodyYouKnow
      It is Nirvana (Atma) Shatakam by Adi Shankaracharya.

      It is the pinnacle of Advaita Vedanta.
    8. Avi1001
      Sure, punkd, do you think it is possible for you to be a Jew, Hindu and Buddhist all at once ? That would be quite the balancing act :).
    9. atanu
      Thanks punk
    10. atanu
      Thanks for the sweet frubals.
    11. Straw Dog
      Straw Dog
      Thanks for the frubal! I hope that I could help.
    12. Pegg
      aww you're too kind. :)
    13. waitasec
      thats actually a good idea for a thread.
    14. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Yes. I believe in reincarnation, and also in "heavens" (temporal ones). I also believe in "hells" (temporal ones)

    15. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Thanks for telling me :D
    16. Shermana
      I didn't mean to say they denied Angels altogether, I think their idea of them is very warped, and in a way reductionist. What I believe is that Deuteronomy originally stated that the "Sons of god", not the "Sons of Israel', were appointed for all the nations. This was changed later due to the panic about "Monotheism", steering away from Israel's "Henotheistic" roots, and the fact that the meaning of the word "god" got distorted. I believe there are evil "gods", which are called "fallen angels" (angels are called gods in Psalms indisputably) which lead the gentiles who invoke them through idolatry and are responsible for the magic and witchcraft effects which the "occult" is known for. Thus, when the Father punishes the nations, he would also punish the "heavenly beings" (angels) who were leading them into demonic occultism, even if it was the gentile's fault for worshiping them.
    17. Shermana
      If there was ever an example of where the Rabbinicists basically ignored and denied what the Tanakh says for their own traditions, it's the concept of Angels. In Isaiah, G-d punishes the "host of heaven". I've seen very few if any Rabbinical commentaries on this. I wonder why. Probably because they have no answer as to why a "Heavenly being" would be punished.
    18. waitasec
      ahhh thanks.... :)
      hows the bass playing?

      i just discovered the best thing...well for now.
      a headstock tuner...no cables...it's awesome...planet waves makes them.
    19. Levite
      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting! Nice to know you enjoyed it!
    20. swamplizard
      Thanks for the frubal.
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    Wisconsin, Minnesota
    Math and Statistics Major at Winona State Universi
    Sanatana Dharma


    All this is full. All that is full.
    From fullness, fullness comes.
    When fullness is taken from fullness,
    Fullness still remains.