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  • Pegg, Today I turned to the very verse you shared in What is it in the Gospels that compels you to believe or not believe in Jesus Christ? I've always been a bit fascinated with the part about a bruised reed and smoking flax... to me it means not to argue and when I find myself argueing to stop. Cause Gods got it all covered. Thanks again!
    Hi Madhuri, thank you for the kind words and the add. I really like RF...one of the best forums i've been on for variety of beliefs and different points of view. Cheers again.
    Hi Pegg. I just want to say that I am really glad that you are here on RF. I haven't known any Jehova Witnesses before, and you seem to have a wonderful perspective on life and you also seem like a wonderful person. I hope to learn more from you :)
    ah i think you are thinking of the mormons or church of scientology... jw's believe pretty much what the bible promises and that is that all mankind will live forever on the earth. We dont believe in an afterlife. The bible teaches that when we die we return to dust and there we stay until God resurrects us back to life on earth. According to scripture, only a small number of mankind (both men and women because we are equal in Gods eyes) will live in heaven to rule as kings and judges with Christ in the heavenly kingdom... but the rest of us will live here on earth, thank God!

    and im impressed that you were able to endure 4 hours of tattooing!!!
    Just out of curiosity, what happens to women in the afterlife according to JW's? I heard that men get a planet and wives (I'm sure that's a simplification), but what do women get?
    We teach what is found in the bible. Our doctrines are unlike mainstream christianity because we stick to what the scriptures say.
    We do not believe in hellfire as a place of torment, we do not believe we have a soul that survives the death of the body, we do not believe that Jesus is God.

    We do believe that Jehovah (the Hebrew God) is the only one true God. We believe that Jesus is his first created being, hence his 'firstborn son'
    We beleive that mankind was created to live forever on earth in perfect health and harmony with God, but due to Adams disobedience, we have been subjugated to sin and death. However, God has made arrangements to remove sin and death from the world of mankind and give all who want the opportunity to live forever on earth. God is teaching people what they need to do to become a subject of his kingdom and this is the kingdom message that we preach.

    How about yourself, are you hindu? And what do you believe?
    hi again,
    No i wasnt always a jw. I grew up without religon but later learnt about jw's teachings by some ladies who came to our door... as much as I liked what I heard I studied on and off for several years before i took it seriously.
    I have been a Jw for the past 15 years.
    A Jehovah's Witness, eh? I don't think we have any here (active at least)! Welcome. :)
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