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  • Is there a scholarly basis on using "Jehovah" instead of "Yahweh", or is it just tradition?
    thank you for that recipe...so good to watch it being made. I dont know what Mawa is... i think i'd need to go to an indian food store and ask for it. :)
    Gajar ka halwa/Carrot pudding - YouTube

    I am not sure if that's what you ate, if not then let me know, I always find videos to be much more helpful than plain recipes.
    basically because it had nothing to do with religion and is something I have said for a while about militant feminism.
    No I'm not, I belong to a denomination of Islam which does not enitrely accept Bukhari hadeeth nor considers hadeeth to be "sahih" :)
    Thanks for the posrep. I must state, however, I do not believe in gods, and I come from an ex–muslim background. I find a lot of people (muslims included) misinterpret the qur’an, mostly stemming from not studying it in the original ‘Arabi. It never states that the Bible was corrupted (only people’s interpretations), and even says that Jesus died (or, possibly, will die).
    Hi Pegg. I've been following a thread of yours and just wanted to say how I like your beliefs.
    lol, yes i'm a woman, funny how many say we don't believe in Jesus. no matter how many times we say we're doing as Jesus told all his followers to do,preach door to door. but it's ok when they kicked us out,remember what Jesus told his Apstles?.."It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city." i like teaching Jehovah's word ,because i want others to learn the truth as we have. Jesus said seek and you shall find. like i said to Jehovah many times,if i'm NOT learning the truth,please send me where it's at. he knows i'm not one who's afraid of losing loves ones because i want to serve him. this is why i KNOW we're teaching God's word. something else i've brought to other's attention. men before Jesus,Jesus himself,and men after him, all served the God of Israel. therefore they WERE...JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, peace!
    hi Pegg i'm jojo,(a woman),lol from america,i'm pretty new on this site,but i make my way around many sites. except for one which kicked me out the first day. because their rules said they didn't want jws there with their false teachings, yet all i read was false teachings. their rules say...they basically can deal with , and respect anyone's belief, funny they have exceptions. anyway,i'm glad Jehovah sent us here. it's always good to meet my sisters and brothers. peace and love!
    It has been good to hear how Jehovah has protected the brothers in New Zealand as well as here in QLD. I hope all is well with you Pegg
    Hi Ervin, Thats great to hear, im so happy you checked it out.
    The 'What does the bible really teach?' book is great for learning the basic truths as set out in scripture and its the current book we use for new bible students. If you are finding it hard to study alone we can study with you so you have someone to discuss it as you go through it. Let me know if you are interested and i can arrange for someone to visit you although im sure they probably already let you know that lol.

    Well, if you need any assistance at all, you know where to look. :)
    Hi Peg, hows things? I have just gone to the Sunshine meeting of JW's. I went over there with the public transport and as you might guess I got back with a car( I got a lift). They are very serious and good at practising morality as they see it. I supose some of those things are known to seculars however you do it because God says so. I also try to do good because God wants us to( I am asuming he does).

    I also got your bible and What the bible really teaches. I am sure to look through them in future and who knows I might end up a JW and then again I might not.

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