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Bob Dixon
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  • Cheers Brother. Not sure if I've seen you around for a while. Hope you are doing well, Friend.
    Ah man, for real! I lived in Toronto from Oct 2010-Nov 2011.... we definitely could have passed each other man! I lived out in the Beach. No offense. That year was as long as I could stand it. Wasn't exactly a fit for me an my Wife. Glad you enjoy it. There are many good things about it.
    OOhh... where did you go?? :D

    Thanks. I love the UU church here... and it's the only place where I can be eclectic. Funny though... I've always seen you as Bob. :)
    I suppose I came back this month, lol... But I do not intend to be fully active. :p Real life is just soo much funner!

    I kind of converted to Unitarian Universalism, so I had some specific questions that haven't really been answered, lol.

    How are you, hun? :)
    Well thanks BobbyD!!! You're very kind, I'll have to amp up my alms giving in your direction when I see you posting :D
    May you be well blessed Bob Dixon, I see great potential in you to be a significant player in the war for truth.
    I recover quickly, particularly when I have nobody to talk religion with outside of the internet. :D
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