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  • Thanx for the laughing & name calling frubing.
    And for fruballing the much handsomer & fitter Santa Claus....twice!
    And for the frubal which is pure as the driven snow.
    And for the frog pond news furball.
    Thanks for liking my book recommendations. There were a couple of others but recommending them might have put me in hot water with the Mods. :)
    Hey Paul, just so you know: this is actually Quagmire.
    I use the Naykidape account as a backup for different reasons. :p
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    Reactions: YmirGF
    Haha. Why you wily wascoo... Thanks just the same.

    I was also going to mention, "The Psychedelic Experience" by Leary, Alpert and Metzner, but thought better of it. :)
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