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  • Thanx for froobing knowing oneself by thinking things over.
    And for the We'll Meet Again with nuclear bombs frubal.
    And for flurbing faux "heroes".
    And for the frubal in the high castle.
    And for the functional income tax furball.
    And for froulbing caution about fakeness in news.
    thanks dude for rating
    this is very kind of you
    god bless you
    Thanx for the RF takeover fruber.
    And for flurbing predictions of an easy defeat of Iran by "experts".
    And for the raw garlic frubic.
    And for foolbring being revolting for the good of the country.
    And for the impeachment partisan posturing frubering.
    And for furballing what is disturbing & what isn't.
    Thanx for the aerial refueling frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>).
    And for fruballing the chemtrail thread.
    And for the sacred duty fruby.
    And for frubling the uni-corn.
    And for the always armed Ameristanian cops flurble.
    And for furballing not always having what is the best.
    Thanks for the (i) frube on the most popular religions. And a slightly belated welcome to RF.

    P.s a frube (frubal, froob or similar spelling) is an ancient name for the post awards
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