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Jose Fly
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  • Good luck with that. That is like asking theists if their beliefs are subjective and without truth/proof/evidence. You will find nobody.
    Thank you for your winner frube Scientists discover that water holds the DNA double helix together.
    Thank you for the likes to my post regarding Biden's spending bill thread.
    Just got a warning for a laugh react I added to Leroy's dismissal of my ceratopsian conundrum. They said it was 'undermining the mission of the forum." I guess having xtian creationists lie and make fools of themselves and their religion on a daily basis is NOT undermining their mission???
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    Jose Fly
    Jose Fly
    That's RF. Back when I was debating one of the JW's here, I got dinged for "being rude". When I asked what I did that violated the forum rules, the manager actually said "Whatever" and deleted my posts anyways.
    Thanx for the "Go science!" furball.
    And for flurbling old & cranky, but not woke.
    And for the amazing OAN phlurbe.
    Hey Jose! Didn't want to mention this 'in public' so as not to give him any publicity, but I came across James Tour on YouTube - he has a channel and he has a series of videos in which he yells about (literally yells) abiogenesis and all manner of things he seems rather clueless/dishonest about. Thankfully, he has a pretty small audience, but they are of the 'fanboy' genre...
    Jose Fly
    Jose Fly
    Oh yeah, I've seen some of his videos. You're right, he comes across as a bit angry and unhinged. But like you said, thankfully his audience is pretty small.
    Thanks for the frube on So Who Are The Adults Pulling The Strings of the Child Climate Change Protests?
    I’ve decided to start reporting your personal attacks against me.
    Jose Fly
    Jose Fly
    So you want free reign to throw around unsubstantiated accusations, but if anyone calls you on it you're going to report it?

    Do you see how pathetic that is?
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