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  • Thanks for your comments in the ''Unfair'' thread. It is hard in the medium maybe to say all we wish to, I think you are very articulate and you take your faith seriously. We may not have the same view on some things, but I appreciate what you have to say. :)
    Thank you for your thoughts in the grief counseling thread...I'm sorry for your loss, and appreciate your insight into it all. Have a good weekend, JayJayDee. :)
    You write very well and have me teetering on the edge of thinking the Witnesses do seem to have "it" nailed down pretty well. I have friends that are Witnesses, relatives also, and there is a soft spot in my heart for Witnesses.
    This article from the April 26th 1922 edition of The Golden Age amazes me.It is speaking of cell phones almost 100 years ago.Not only that but it describes how people will be able to receive news from all over the earth and communicate at will.It is almost as if it is describing jw.org. This really blows my mind."The Golden Age" went on to become "The Awake" magazine.

    The part that I'm talking about, in the article, is in the second paragraph on the left.Read it all though.


    jw.org now has live broadcasting online as of saturday Oct 4th 2014.Spead the word.Jehovahs celestial chariot is on the move:)

    Jehovah's Witnesses BROADCASTING
    >>>We can only hope Chinu, thank you......there is an old saying...."if wishes were horses then beggars would ride".
    If only all the good things we wish for one another would come true. I believe they soon will in a new world of God's making. Wishes of peace and truth to you my friend. :) <<<

    But I think... instead of "Beggar" there should be "Fools" in this quote, which becomes that.. "If wishes were horses then fools would ride"

    Because I don't think there's any "True-Beggar" in this world.
    Instead of thinking him/herself as Deserving person, True-Beggar always think of him/herself as an Undeserving person in front of God, Thus.. the term "True-Beggar" can only be used for such kind of Egoless-Person... IMO. :)

    So, of course.. "If wishes were horses then fools would ride" but not beggars, Beggars are very dear to God, and "He" he always listen to them... IMO :)

    >>>Hey Chinu, I live on the east coast in a very pretty little country town. Australia is a very large and diverse country with extremes in weather and scenery. Many of its beaches (not the tourist ones) are pristine and almost deserted. We are at present going through some extreme weather with unseasonal heat and gale force winds causing an early brushfire season. Many homes have been lost in NSW where I live. We are dreading summer. I am feeling for the people who have lost everything except the shirt on their back and the fire fighters from other states who volunteer to help and also the creatures who have been lost in these fires. :sad:<<<
    So Sad.
    >>>Where are you? Does your country suffer with these problems?<<<
    From Punjab/India.
    No, my country doesn't suffer with any such problems :)
    Nothing new, just as usual as most of the days are in my life.
    I also desire to visit Australia too,
    btw, where do you in Australia ? Jjd :)
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