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J Bryson
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  • I went for a look at your Walt Disney alternate-history, and. . . nothing?

    I have no doubt that you have other, more important things on your plate right now, but when you get a chance, I'm looking forward to the next update.
    Thx for showing up in the Hate Crimes/Homeless thread. I was kind of hoping you'd show up eventually based on the few things you've mentioned in the past on RF. ;)
    Thanks for the goodies.:D

    Here is something of a counter argument. From "The Spoon River Anthology" if you are not familiar with it it can sound - morbid. A collection of epitaphs??? Ugh!

    But Lucinda Matlock, speaking from the grave has a different take than Arnold alive on the shores of England.:)
    I've read some of his stuff before and really enjoyed it. The one you posted rather struck my fancy. Especially the last lines :D
    Always good to find new poetry!
    Oh, I like all of his stuff. He was actually an influence in the career path I'm considering.
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