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May 18, 2010
Jun 20, 2009
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Social Work with developmentally disabled youth


Well-Known Member, from Ca

Humanistheart was last seen:
May 18, 2010
    1. Zadok
      Sorry I have not answered you sooner. I am 5th generation LDS. My references to G-d are part of my internte protocol. It is a personal thing in respect to those that of other faiths that may wish to copy my posts and also a reminder to me that the internet reaches many different kinds of peoples and to be careful how I reference sacred names.

      Thanks for asking.

    2. DavyCrocket2003
      (quote=Humanistheart) Davy, if you don't mind my asking, what footnote in your bible addresses the hardening of the pharoes heart?
      Well, in the KJV of the Bible, the related verses all read something like: "And he hardened PharaohÂ’s heart, that he hearkened not unto them; as the Lord had said." (Exodus 7:13) In the LDS KJV, there are multiple footnotes and cross references. In this verse, a cross reference points out that when Joseph Smith went through the Bible making inspired changes and corrections, he changed it to read "And Pharaoh hardened his heart..." There are a lot of little changes that are rather significant.
    3. Humanistheart
    4. Humanistheart
      Is it posibble my computers too old (7 rs)?
    5. monta
    6. monta
      click the box with the picture of the mountain when you are writing your message the same as the picture I showed you the link is an example of the code you will need to enter for the picture to show up. Is it on the internet already? or on a file in your computer?
    7. monta
    8. Humanistheart
      Yeshua the sage is a personal opinion not supported by any facts.

      Get a good translation of the bible and re-read the stories. Jesus made a whip from cords and drove them from the temple.

      No, sacrificial animals were not provided freely. One had to purchase them. This isn't buying ones way into sacrifices, it's buying a sacrifice, an important distinction.

      And now you seem to be justifying steeling. Wealth? Chances are the owner was man with a family. Jesus destroyed his livihood and your justifying it.

      How was he to know? Christians say he's god, ALL-KNOWING. your saying he's a wise sage. Either way he should have known. Legion is not mentioned in the story. Just demons, no name. Jesus' action lead to the swines death, regaurdless of the demons involvement in the story. He was a thief. And besides. it wouldn't be necessary. If 2000 demons fit into one man then surely they could fit into one swine, or a tree, or a rock, or be cast straight back to hell. Yet Jesus chooses the most destructed way possible, spreading out one demon for every pig. As I said, unnecessary death. Jesus could have freed the man and not cost the pigs their lives or the farmer his livelihood. Yet he didn't. Not very wise.

      Again, your falling back to an argument that if it doesn't fit your idea of Jesus it must not be true. But that's what's in the bible, that's all we know of the character we call Jesus. You could be right, but we have no way of verifying it and it's giving an obviously bad man the benifit of a doubt, something he does not deserve.

      And if your going to justify belittling people it comments seriously on your character, or lack there of. That's not OK. I don't care what your Bushido book or the bible says, demeaning people is unethical. Besides, jesus was very vague and denied who he was whenever asked, answering in half truths and riddles. It's not surprising the disciples would be confused often. And if this was a problem for him he should have picked better disciples.
    9. Riverwolf
      I separate the mythological Christ from Yeshua the Sage.

      As I recall, all Jesus did was overturn tables and yell. (I do admit the man had a temper. lol) I fail to see why it would be necessary to buy your way into a sacrifice, as such things should be provided freely.

      As for the 2000 swine... which is more important: a man's freedom, or another man's wealth?

      I, too, do not approve of killing the swine, but it was Legion who did that, not Christ. How was Christ supposed to know that Legion would do that?

      As for the fig not blossoming, because it's not in season, as documented in Mark, but not in Matthew, I do agree that this action was uncalled for. And since such a curse would, in reality, have no effect, I propose that it never happened.

      Now, if you read books like Bushido Shoshinshu, you'll notice that the author belittles novice warriors for thinking and acting a certain way, and then says WHY such thinking and action is "moronic." It is a form of discipline which is frowned upon today because of the fear of hurting self-esteem, which, when it comes to children, is perfectly understandable.
    10. Riverwolf
      I do not recall any point where Jesus stole, beat people, or killed. The most violent thing Jesus did recorded in the gospels, if I recall correctly, was chasing out the merchants from the Temple, which is something I don't blame him for doing.

      Jesus belittled his disciples because they were being dense and not understanding the message; stern teachers do this all the time. As for cursing his enemies, I propose to you that Jesus NEVER did that, and the parts where he does that in the gospels are the words of the author putting his own beliefs into the Jesus's mouth. (Something that happened quite frequently in the gospels.)

      I am fully aware that he did not fulfill the Messianic prophecies, and therefore cannot be the Messiah spoken of in Jewish prophecy. To me, Yeshua was an enlightened Sage, one of many.
    11. Riverwolf
      I disagree.

      Just because a religion hasn't been used well doesn't make it a bad religion. Christianity is a beautiful religion with a very bloody past.

      Remember Bruce Lee: "If if helps you in a fight, then you should learn how to use it. It doesn't matter at all where it comes from."

      Christianity is the words of Christ. Evangelism is the words of Paul.
    12. Riverwolf
      You are thinking correctly.

      This is the reason for the rest of the things found in various religions that help prevent such actions, such as the laws which say not to harm others. ("Turn the other cheek.")

      And I understand what you mean. I tend to "do unto others as I would have them do unto me..." which means I ignore everybody, sometimes even when they're trying to talk to me. Believe me, I may be somewhat talkative here, but in real life, I keep to myself. I'm VERY shy.

      (BTW, I'm glad you were willing to continue the conversation. I was hoping you would. ^_^)
    13. zenzero
      Friend, They are called *frubals* and you can find the details of your receiving and giving at *user CP*.
      Love & rgds
    14. zenzero
      Friend Humanistheart,
      Welcome to RF!
      Bes tWishes.
      Love & rgds
    15. Storm
      Welcome to the forum! :foryou:
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