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  • It's nice. Plenty of room, for once! :D
    Yeah, I've moved half a dozen times in the last two years or so..I'm sick of it. But whatcha gonna do?
    I grew up with one of the families that live and work at the faire over here, so usually I dress up and go help out at the booth. However, on days where I bring siblings/friends with me, I just go watch.
    Haha No worries!
    Things are going really well on my end. Just moved into a new place (I'm currently procrastinating on finishing my unpacking/cleaning :p ) and I love it. The local Renaissance faire is in town, which is always awesome...and I've been getting to see a lot of my friends lately :D
    How have you been?
    Maybe the game doesn't equate bigger brain with higher IQ? :shrug:

    It wasn't bad. I love the kids :D (although my brother and sister are hardly "kids" any more...they're almost adults!)
    Wave shiny things in it's face? LOL!
    Haha Sounds like me! I'm dying for something to eat right about now... :p I wish I could get in there and mess with the genetics in the game more directly.....

    Stupider can be a real word for now :D My auto spell-check isn't highlighting it, in any case!
    Haha Yeah...I helped raise my siblings...and one of my ex's niece and nephew. More than their parents did. I'm done :p
    Cool! I'll have to look it up :D
    Haha That's hilarious it has it's own wiki now..

    Yeah, Ashley and I grew up together :D I think I'm actually the one who introduced her to it....lol. I have a few pictures of her on my profile, even :)
    Not many people had heard of it when I started playing, either...although I got a few friends hooked.

    In C1, I had a green one....and this other one who was perpetually pregnant :areyoucra...not sure how it happened, but the little number in her stomach just kind of went up and down and nothing ever came of it. Being a child, I was kind of concerned that this could actually happen to people, and decided to never have kids :cover:
    I currently don't know where my disks are...But I've been considering buying new ones :D
    Do you know if they work on Macs? I had a regular PC before...but recently got a Mac, and I don't remember if they work on here. I know the downloadable stuff was only for Windows last time I looked.

    Man...I just realized...I was still in elementary school when Creatures first came out :eek:
    Can't believe it's been so long!
    Your reponse in the thread about water and wotnot was a good read!
    Oh, and your icon...
    are you... a Creatures player??? :D
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