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  • I am curious which country you are from. You said you are not American, so I am wondering which nation you hail from.
    I just wanted to say I enjoy your palindromic username. I think that's pretty clever. I also have a question. No hostility intended, just wondering. You are obviously not a believer, so why do you use an image of Christ as your avatar? Would you care to tell me?
    ask your self if we evolved from apes then why are there still apes and wheres your tale
    every day we see God's signs the sky the moon steven hawkings said that they must be something controling the sun and the moon or else they will coilde also nasa found water on the moon and on mars and God almightly revealed to prophet mohammed pbuh
    "Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the Earth were closed up, so We split them, and We made from water everything living? Will they not then believe?"
    chapter 21 verse 30
    Jesus out of the OT
    This site is more comprehensive but the others below are good too. (Table of Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, in English translation)

    Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament
    Similarities Between Jesus' Life and the Old Testament
    I don't think I've ever told you, but I love your username. Palindromes are always fun, and it could mean so many different things. :D
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