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Dec 9, 2009
Nov 10, 2009
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New Member

ebrima was last seen:
Dec 9, 2009
    1. ftv1975
      i have stephen hawking's book the universe in a nutshell.
    2. ftv1975
      yes i have msn
    3. ftv1975
      yep! cytoplasm exists.
    4. Gharib
      the same to you inshallah. may Allah reward you with paradise.
    5. .lava
      İ am from Turkey. those pictures are generally from Istanbul.
    6. skydivephil
      You said
      "Ask your self if we evolved from apes then why are there still apes and wheres your tale "
      Evolution says that we evolved from a recent common ancestor with other great apes.
      I evolved from a common ancestor with my cousin, those common ancestors are my parents. My cousins still exist , why shouldn't they? The same is true for other great apes, they are just more distant cousins.

      The sun and the moon don't collide because of gravity. Newton worked this out hundreds of years, its got nothing to do with Stephen Hawking. By the way Stephen Hawking, according to his ex wife is an atheist.

      There is no evidence of living things on the moon. life is not made out of water, it has a lot of water in it. But a pool of water is not going ot generate life, it needs other chemical reactions on top of that.
    7. Minus Habens
      Minus Habens
      LOL, I had to look that up... Sure. I believe cytoplasm exists.
    8. Minus Habens
      Minus Habens
      An agnostic believes it is impossible to prove the existance of a God, and that it is impossible to prove that a God doesn't exist. Simply, that we do not, and are unable to know if a God exists.

      Personally, I simply do not follow any particular religion because it is impossible for me to know which is the correct one, if any. I enjoy learning about the different kinds of religion, which is why I am here.
    9. Minus Habens
      Minus Habens
      No, I don't.
    10. Minus Habens
      Minus Habens
      I think the thinking is we did not evolve from apes, but share the same ancestors. The apes being another branch... Anyways, I am not convinced that evolution proves a God does not exist. Evolution may just be something a God set up so that we can adapt to our environments. Oh, and just because something evolves from a certain species, does not mean that species dies out...

      Nice to meat you, ebrima. Take care.
    11. .lava
      and i agree with Madhuri. human ego appears, makes no exceptions for Muslims either.

      btw, welcome to the forum. nothing happens without permission of God.
    12. zenzero
      Friend ebrima,
      Welcome to RF!
      Best Wishes.
      Love & rgds
    13. Vile Atheist
      Vile Atheist
      Given to Muhammed by whom?

      And again, I invite you to either continue this discussion with me via private message or start a new thread and link me to it. Thanks.
    14. Vile Atheist
      Vile Atheist
      I don't want a long exchange going back and forth over our profile pages as it will look messy. I invite you to either private message me or start a thread and link me to it, if you wish to discuss the issue further. Thanks.
    15. Vile Atheist
      Vile Atheist
      And how do you know God created man?
    16. Vile Atheist
      Vile Atheist
      Ask yourself: Why have you not taken the time to understand evolution before rejecting it and furthermore what does evolution have anything to do with your God?

      When you have answered this, and construct your arguments around it, you might find more people discovering merit in your arguments.
    17. Madhuri
      .lava is right, there are all sorts of people here. Many people do not understand each other's beliefs or culture and we all (including muslims) make insulting comments sometimes because of these misunderstandings. It is not always easy to be patient and understanding but if we want to keep the peace we must try.
      I hope you enjoy your time here!
    18. .lava
      you can find many different beliefs in here. there are people who hates Islam as well. just be calm because you will meet them.
    19. Madhuri
      Hello ebrima, I am -simply put- Hindu.
      Welcome to the forums :-)
    20. .lava
      thank you :) i wish the same for you.
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