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  • Sorry mate just looked it up, was 07/08............oops. But it was fantastic, just the same.
    Heh, Kreator has some killer lyrics, I knew it as soon as I saw it.

    Best regards friend ;)

    Eh I have no qualms with him personally. Really when I stop myself from getting worked up I feel pity more than anything that a mindset can be so warped. Reality must really and truly seem different to some people.
    The hypocrisy is actually getting under my skin, *I* better stop before I start posting passionately... lol.
    Ha thats fricken awesome.

    Me and my cousin saw them down in Milwaukee November 15th haha.

    Thanks for the frube by the way :D
    Jealous! I'm going to have to find out when they're next in Manchester. Wednesday is one of the best showmen I've seen.
    Dude is your avatar the guy from Overlord? I saw a youtube video and they sound pretty decent.
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