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  • im just going to keep saying "where is your evidence?" until they give up. they've been proven wrong repeatedly, and they still wont accept reality. so ill just stoop to their level, that might be slightly entertaining
    you dont know that. he might of just stuck his fingers in his ears and went "LALALALALALLALALA" till classes were over. "DONT SHAKE THE FAITH!"
    i never saw them move the goal posts. the just kept saying "you show no proof that humans arent made of clay". biology isnt good enough for them. how retarded do you have to be?!?! just look at your damn skin, it ISNT clay, good god, how do people get that damn stupid?!?!
    the level of ignorance for even simple SIMPLE stuff is infuriating. it cant be anything other than self imposed ignorance. in the end, everything i said was pointless. they refuse to acknowledge reality. ive never seen such a high level of "retarded" in all my life. they ****** me off, i gotta calm down lest i say something that would get me banned.
    Hey, Darkendless, we should sort out some Queensland Religious Forums group meet - I know that you, Free Spirit, and myself live in the Sunshine State (never brought the Smart State badge myself), and there are probably a few others that I've temporarily forgotten or do not know about.

    Do you think this idea would be worth pursuing or not?
    You know, i thought you are no longer around because you have changed your avatar, lol. :D

    How are you man?
    Hi! darkendless,
    We are neighbours I am on the darling downs, thanks for the contact. this morning we have a frost bbbrrr.
    Probably can, but they need to realise that ther first job is defending, not attacking. Nevertheless, we will triumph in glory.
    That new avatar looks a little disgusting. I immedieatly request you change it something that can conform to the rest of society. Freak.
    no one can find a job, even those that have been employed for years are uncertain whether they will get fired or not. things have gotten really worse down here.
    hot? i don't think it was that hot. was it?

    all the mine jobs are out the window, no one can go there anymore, they just keep firing them by dozens ever since those big waves of people that got sacked in the last 2 months i think.

    and how did you know i was from WA anyway?

    i too just moved here in december from VIC.
    It sucks you might have to cut your hair. When I cut mine I found that it was such a pain to try to let it grow again. Of course, there were a lot of females I worked with who loved my new shave look so ..........
    Tbh, I'm surprised they're letting me get off with all this. I just wonder how much further I can push.
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