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  • I found the link for Onislam.net from one of your post. I have been using the site ever since. Just wanted to say thanks. :)
    Assalamu alykum brother. I asked the staff about what I said and they denied my request. I hope I didn't cause you any problem.
    salam brother, i opened a thread about homosexuality and i would love it if you could take part in it, it is in the same faith debate section
    Muslims: discussion about homosexuality
    yo please check the thread should we fear ISLAM this lady has a question and am finding a hard time to how to get the message thro... thnkx in advance

    the last post
    Salamu Alaikum
    Hope your in Good Iman and Health, can you help me,
    how can i post a link and put the title i want on it?
    Ramadan kareem brother :) May Allah accept our worship in the blessed month
    selamu alaykum brother and happy ramadan, may Allah make this fasting month easy for you and me and all the ummah and may our sins be forgiven inshallah, amin.
    how are you brother cordoba. well i hope.

    i came a cross a video of yusuf estes by random while looking for some things on youtube, and i just recon he is probably one of the greatest scholars around, i got reminded of your thread when i saw his name. so i just wanted to ask you if you could continue to post his videos in your thread, i would love to look at them and learn something new.

    jazak Allah khairan.

    esselamu alaykum we rahmatullahi teala.
    eselamu alaykum brother, i hope you don't mind if i mae you my friend here. :D
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