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  • I feel like I am opening Christmas presents that contain a box load of frubals. :) Thanks for all the medals. :)
    KenS. I honestly think your specific thoughts on these Jewish-Christian issues are quite logical and worthy of consideration and recognition.
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    Thanks for the like. Have a good night.
    Your suggestion that we should examine and search out principles for value and truth regardless of their origin is profound and wonderful. I also like your opinion that if we provide the faith to ask and the patience to wait, the spirit is willing to make manifest the truth of truly important principles to us. Such insight deserve frubals and serious thought.
    Thanks for the “like”, my cousin.
    You are certainly welcome. It is apparent to some of us that the J.W. theists are often given more scrutiny than others and so I feel happy to support the points you make that I can support. I hope I never come across as snotty or unkind Hockeycowboy. I honestly and truly hope your spiritual journey is a wonderful and good journey.
    Same here. You have my warmest wishes.

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am very interested in the "300 pages of quotes from early Judeo-Christian texts, lectionaries, diaries, and text" that you mentioned.
    My email is [email protected]
    τωτωειω ??
    I am sorry not to get back to your question. The greek letters below my name indicate a german word to indicate an english index. I keep track of posts this way. It's wierd, but it keeps me in habit of use of Greek letters. I was using Hebrew letters once, but there are sounds it doesn't make, and, the hebrew keyboard is w i e r d.
    Thank you for liking my posts and rating one a winner in the Progressive Revelation thread!
    Hi Clear, just a quick answer to your question about why JW's arent more frustrated at the misrepresentation we receive, the answer is that we dont care what people say about us, we let our actions speak for us. Jesus told us to expect opposition and we do. We will continue to go about doing what we believe God wants us to do because in our opinion, his view of us is the only view worth being concerned about. It also has to do with 'turning the other cheek' , not adding 'fuel to the fire' and 'shaking the dust from ones feet' so to speak.
    You do realize how childish your "advisory" was. None of us are pretending to be something we aren't. Those of us who have left the LDS Church have stated that, and stated our views. It's rather foolish to go on a rant about that when everyone else can see who we really are.
    That's interesting to know. It's just that you seem extremely comfortable writing long, in-depth posts, or perhaps essays, on the subjects which you comment on. It made me think you may have some type of academic writing background. Since this is not the case, I think you would be qualified if you ever wanted a job in that kind of field. :)

    I really enjoy seeing and reading your posts, and I appreciate your interest in the LDS faith.
    Arkholt -

    I am not a professor nor do I qualify as a "scholar" (though I've known a few) and I am not of any particular importance to any academic world. I am interested in what original christianity was like and in their doctrines and in texts which might have been used by them and/or sacred to them. I simply happened upon deep and profound connections to between the LDS doctrines and texts and the early doctrines and texts of ancient Judao-Christianity. (which makes perfect sense if the LDS are, as they claim, a restoration of early Christian doctrines).

    I may seem acquainted with a few narrow facts, but I assure you with complete confidence in my statement, that there are many of the LDS on the forum that are much, much more versed in principles of importance than I; Many that are certainly more balanced and wide ranging in their knowledge base than I.
    Having read several of your posts, I must ask this question:

    Are you a university professor, or perhaps an academic writer or scholar of some kind?
    hi clear, i've posted this message in your thread but i thought i'd post it to you also

    this site has the best quran translation and it also explains every verse.
    The Holy Qur'an - القرآن الكريم you can also play the whole chapter in arabic or just one verse at a time as you go along.

    it has all the translations but the best is sahih international
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