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  • Sir, Captain Sir !,
    As you enjoy religious debate maybe I could ask you to vote for the legitimacy of a Miracle in 2006. Please have a read of the following page :
    www. creativecausations .com (no spaces) and go to Miracle Vote.
    Take a screenshot of your vote number. I hope to get a lot of votes for this Miracle.
    Don't be shy with asking your friends to vote.
    Thank you.
    CreativeCausations . com
    Thanks so much for your encouragement. I'm slowly, but surely, making my way back to where I need to be. Thank you for your prayers, I will pray for you as well.
    Well you certainly wound that old battleaxe up, and you are right she does have anger issues, daddy issues.
    She is sad and best to leave misery on its own mate, hope you read this and come back, she aint worth a bag of sand to an Arab, there are not many of her sort here.
    This is a tough forum, and the majority of the posters seem to be very anti-Christianity. I have the feeling that many of them are students - ahhhh, for those oblivious days! Sometimes I get so disgusted that I won't even log on for weeks at a time. But I come back, because I feel a responsibility to respond - to at least not allow all this drivel and horrible philosophy to run totally unchecked.
    Dear friend,

    You wish to be a "great defender", perhaps you should study the art of chivalry for it is not dead!
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