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  • I haz a happy that you like them. :)

    I got this one for Evan...:D Not that I advocate that sort of thing. I just thought it was funny.
    Etsy :: 1952 George Puffing a Doobie - cut coin pendant - SILVER

    And, this one for me.
    2005 Egypt cut coin pendant w/ King Tut by petsalad on Etsy
    LOL, well I am just about out of patience when it comes to that thread. I find it ironic when people who are so BLATANTLY prejudiced when it comes to Americans call us prejudiced!
    Back at you. I'm just here to be constructive. Anytime you want to I will. I'm a little busy over in the 'Communism' forum right now, though. Btw, In the "Is Noise Music" section, I put up some links for songs and stuff. I haven't checked it yet, so sorry if you already noticed.
    Just thought I would stop by before I go to bed and say hey and thanks for the frubals on the sex education thread; it always makes those long posts seem worth it! It's a particular fishy subject with kids. A lot of times, any progress made in one field seems to be matched with a regression in another area. Anyways, hope to engage in more constructive conversations in the future.
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