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  • Thanx for the easy to vote froobol.
    And for flurbing missing the debate.
    And for the Girl Scouts choosing to bow to the left phrubil.
    And for phurballing being the oldest, & breaking in the parents.
    Thanx for froobilling reptilian aliens taking over government.
    And for the failure to achieve the impossible froobible.
    And for flurbing the necessity of continuously monitoring cops.
    And for the Benjamin Franklin frooblin.
    And for fruballing watching what happens after the election.
    And for the over-reacting anti-Trumpers froober.
    Thanx for froobing the vase of flowers.
    (The colors in that arrangement were particularly appealing.)
    And for furballing the diversity of interests of both Dems & Pubs.
    And for the advantages & disadvantages of liberty or its lack frubal.
    And for floorbing the Get Elle Soon card.
    And for the insurance & ethics frubicle.
    Thanks for the Ken Ham: Climate Change Isn’t a Big Deal Since Noah Dealt With a Global Flood (i) frubal
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