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  • Friend anupj,
    Change being permanent, realization too undergoes changes every moment. Similarly realizing that we all live in that garden of eden or heaven and part of the same energy!
    Keep in touch.

    Love & rgds
    Friend anupj,
    No those buttons are permanent.
    Yes, if you find anything odd like that write to the staff members asking for guidance, as am unaware of the computer intricacies.
    Love & rgds
    Friend anupj,
    Every post there are 3 symbols on the top right; 1 the post number 2 frubals 3 report post.
    Just click on that frubal and you will know what to do.
    There are no practical use of frubals except that they are just gifts one passes to another as thank you and these frubals appear as coloured beads on the right side of your posts. Presently Sunstone leads with 17 million.
    Well its just a game!
    Love & rgds
    Friend anupj,
    To get a Patent, one must be present But here still to find out *WHO is this I?*
    so, no question of patents but presently may appear to be hung with.
    Rgds meditation - that is the ONLY purpose if ANY.
    Rest are just MIND games.
    Take care.
    Love & rgds
    Friend Anupj,
    Sorry for the late response; but sorry still that have no idea about friend Suraj as he has no link ids at RF unless one of the adminstrators could back check with his IP address. Myself too had tried to get him to respond but he did not.
    However when the time is ripe you will surely get your answer from existence itself through some other Suraj.
    Be patient and meditate.
    Love & rgds
    Friend Anupj,
    Read your posts.
    It will be difficult to respond each and every posts.
    Request you to take your time, be patient and slowly you will be able to come to a better understanding about religion for which read all kinds of posts and not just himduism.
    Two more knowledgable persons on hinduism are Suraj & Seyorni read their posts in depth in hinduism sections .
    More as we go along.
    Love & rgds
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