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  • Thanx for fruballing unwarranted certainty of predictions!
    And for the Three Stooges froobal !
    And for furballing the false equivalency of all governments!
    Thanx for fruballing not cooperating too much with the 'justice' system!
    And for the ignorant gun hysteria frubia!
    And for furballing my doing better under Trump!
    And for the debate v definition frubition!
    And for furballing my guardedly hopeful wallet!
    And for the weak & feckless applicant frublicant!
    And for froobing government making things worse.
    And for the common presidential judgement standard frubard!
    Thanx for froobling hairless food!
    And for the opining ordinary schlub frubal!
    And for flurbing speech continuing despite criticism!
    And for the make Sunrise great again flurblet!
    And for fruballing letting parents divorce when needed!
    And for the not treating a guess as a fact flurblet!
    And for frooballing the Devil in the continuum!
    And for the better candidates in 2020 frubyl !
    Thanx for froubling insight & civility towards the other side!
    And for the blind partisanship furball !
    Thanx for frooballing the dispensing of wisdom & insight!
    And for the not so immutable frubable!
    And for fruballing that selfish little girl with the model!
    Thanx for fruballing the questionable significance of Trump's election!
    And for the role of Hillary frubary!
    And for furballing the judging of the candidates!
    And for the whiny little hellions frublet!
    And for floorbing the Dem v pure evil Pub perspective!
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