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  • What up with me? You know damn well I intend on going down as far as possible ;).
    I will give you pointers about religion. It is best to start with philosophy of religion and not any religion itself. I subscribe to Panendeism for example which is the most rational view point about god amongst the theisms usually.

    But you have Pandeism, Panendeism, Deism, Polydeism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Classical theism, liberal theism, polytheism, transtheism, kathenotheism, henotheism, monotheism, dualism, animism, Ietsissm, open theism, eutheism, dystheism, maltheism, apotheism(autotheism), mysticism,,
    misotheism, binitarianism, monaltrism, theopanism, apatheism, anti-theism, atheism, spiritualism and thanstheism.

    I have not even listed them all dude. Gotta establish how you feel about god first.
    Oh wow thats cool double layered. Good luck finishing the table I look forward to see the results
    i liked your alter but i needs incense lots and lots of incense and maybe a bowl of water and a stone of some sort
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