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  • Thanx for the jiggling frubing!
    And for flurbing the evolution of Homer Simpson!
    And for the premature red alert fruble!
    Thanx for fruballing the self-discrediting claims post!
    And for the evidence of lewdness frubness!
    Thanx for the frubal...for which I'm totally unfit!
    And for the not reasonable looking frubing!
    And for frubing those reluctantly progressive Dems!
    Thanx for froobling Hillary's violence!
    And for the strained opinion frubion!
    And for furballing the non-existent Trump quote!
    And for the terrible temper fruber!
    And for froobing misquoting Trump!
    And for the Hillary as the enemy of black folk frublet!
    And for foorbling the ad hominem refuge!
    TY for your Like in the "Hillary" thread. I'll be damned if I can remember which one though. :)
    Thanx for the alt right frubler!
    And for froolbing PTSD counseling!
    And for fruballing the Trumpie questions!
    And for the ineffective 2nd link furball !
    Even bad apples vote...thanx for the frube!
    Thanx for the not ready for the fallout shelter frubter!
    And for froob'g the paranoid in-law!
    And for the doom at 11 fruble!
    Thanx for the hard won election frubection!
    And for the non-violent frubler!
    And for phrubing Californiastan's flag!
    And for the difficulty of making a prediction frubiction!
    Thanx for phroobling undegreed white guys!
    And for Hilda winning the popular vote frublet!
    And for the inside out prediction frubiction!
    And for frulbing eschewing violence in protests!
    And for the chirping crickets furlbet!
    Thanks for the Friendly rating in Congratulations to the Republicans, but I’ve just edited it, so you might want to reconsider.
    • Like
    Reactions: Acim
    Saw your edit, and I stand by my rating. Thanks for the heads up.
    Thanx for the clarification frubation!
    And for phroobing the odd feeling of having Jill Stein on my side!
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