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New Profile Posts

  1. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest YmirGF
    Thanx for the Sally Field frubeld!
  2. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Toten
    Thanx for the 2920 threads frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>)!
  3. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Eliab ben Benjamin
    Thanx for the questionable picture furble!
  4. Rival
    Rival Akivah
    Thanks for the likes :)
  5. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Onyx
    Thanx for the gift giving alien fruble!
  6. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest beenherebeforeagain
    Thanx for the trustworthy fruby!
  7. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest David1967
    Thanx for the wide awake frubal !
    And for froobing actions & consequences!
    And for the needing time to judge furball !
  8. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Kirran
    T?hanx for the trustworthy fruby!
  9. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Quetzal
    Thanx for the approval rating frubing!
  10. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Akivah
    Thanx for the insignificant frubal !
    And for fruballing getting caught doing wrong!
  11. beenherebeforeagain
    beenherebeforeagain Quetzal
    Hey Q, I just saw where they've released the first images from that NOAA satellite that was launched awhile back! Looks great!
  12. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Islington
    Thanx for the snack themed frubal (an ancient RF term for a <like>)!
    1. Islington
      Thank you for the fine welcome and magnificient snack =) I really appreciated that!
      Jan 24, 2017 at 10:26 AM
      Revoltingest likes this.
  13. Wu Wei
    Wu Wei Revoltingest
    You'd be surprised how often that error pops up in the IT world
    1. Revoltingest
      No, I wouldn't.
      Jan 24, 2017 at 8:48 AM
  14. Rival
    Rival Deidre
    Thanks for the like.
    1. Deidre likes this.
  15. sovietchild
    sovietchild psychoslice
    Thank you for the rating.
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  16. sovietchild
    sovietchild David1967
    Thank you for the rating.
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  17. sovietchild
    sovietchild Godobeyer
    Thank you for the rating.
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  18. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest sovietchild
    Thanx for the presidential Pence frubal !
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  19. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Ouroboros
    Thanx for the weak faith frubal !
  20. mads hemmings